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Today, 12:46 PM

I bought some very drab Saucony Running Shoes with memory foam soles, comfy as fuck but the beigest trainers I think....... only $8 though, bargain



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Today, 12:39 PM

No but she works on a dementia ward at cornhill so all oldies. She’s a goody 2 shoes so she never moaned about the ppe. And funnily enough i had a mad hangover horn and was bothering her something rotten to get my hole (she had c19 and it was assumed but not definitive that i must also have it) and she still wouldnt let me bang her incase i maybe didnt have it and she gave me it. Ridiculous. So i got tested just to be sure and i had it, then she let me spill my beans in her. Hard fucking work.

(We’re the only folk we know that have had it - both key workers working throughout the whole thing)

A lovely text.

After reading that I reckon I can go another 7 months without sex.


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Today, 07:20 AM

Scotland man. 400 cunts under 65. Bag of shite.

Half of them would still be alive if it weren't for @Poodler laissez-faire attitude.

@Police @Nicolasturgeon

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Today, 07:11 AM


Saw a good one this morning.

Imagine everybody walked around naked.

If someone standing close to you starts to piss they'll likely piss on you.
If you're wearing clothes you don't get quite so covered in piss.
If the pisser is wearing clothes you don't get any piss on you as they piss their pants instead.

Swop piss for spit and clothes for masks.

If people are going around pissing all over the fucking shop.....

I'm a be nekkit.

In Topic: Coronavirus

Today, 07:09 AM

it's fucking ridiculous. Only around 400 people under 65 have died from it in total.

Is that UK or Escocia Chebasaurus Rex ?