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A deviants deviant Kelt It's the mark of the Renaissance Man to be able to converse on a variety of subjects


It's the mark of the Renaissance Man to be able to converse on any subject the conversation naturally evolves into. 


You're at a dinner party, the guests are talking about the dress one of the women are wearing, safe territory that a guy can stay out of... but before you know it someone's raised the point that there's no way she could wear that dress if a dog is planning on fucking her later. You, therefore, need to be ready to leap into the conversation, pointing out that a little duct tape around the paws means even her cotton dress would be suitable attire at the dog-fucking thing. 


Not only do you look knowledgeable about beastiality, you've also won points with the bird wearing the cotton dress. 


She'll probably suck you off under the table before the mints arrive, leaving her lad... who was the one slagging her dress off... to sit there humiliated while you bellow like a wounded bison as you jet your love custard into her waiting gob in front of a dozen admiring guests.

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Yesterday, 10:28 PM

It is a dilemma as I'm terrified of heights and I fucking hate groups of people.

Piss and shit I am fine with though.

Can I be one of those pigs you see fucking buxom blonde German women in those old VHS tapes that used to get passed around?



Bodil Joensen. you might be referring to. 


Stunningly beautiful Danish woman who did a number of videos where she sucks off various farm animals and dogs. 


She was actually an animal lover, and was so however you want to interpret that, who owned a farm.  she was struggling to make ends meet, so to speak, and was persuaded that shagging her animals would bring in some cash. 


Most of the birds you see in the beastiality films these days look like, and probably are, irredeemable skank whore crack addicts who are only sucking horse-cock to feed their habit. Bodil, however, was letting the pigs fuck her so they had something to eat later on. Not only was she gorgeous, she was willing to blow her dog on camera for their upkeep. 


Deid now, i believe, but in her heyday I'd have stood in line with the farm animals to get my turn on her. 



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Yesterday, 06:38 PM

In Topic: Great Moments In Movie History

Yesterday, 06:37 PM

Been a few decent fillums since this thread last saw some action. 


Just watched this last night... fucking terrific... low key until the Manson family, murder on their minds, bust in on a Brad Pitt who's tripping balls.


"And you were on a HORSEY!"



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Yesterday, 06:12 PM


Morrissey was right.


Strongly disagree. 


This is like Make a Wish, but for farm animals. 


They're going to die soon, so you might as well give them a fun day out at the theme park. 


Far more humane than what British yokels do.


If you were going to die in a couple of days time would you rather get crammed into a cattle truck with 99 other dying people, and left to wallow in yours and everyone else's piss and shit?


Or would you rather go bungee jumping?