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In Topic: Boxing Fans

Yesterday, 11:24 PM

I reckon Wilder will knock out Fury. Hope Im wrong 

In Topic: What You Drinking Today

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

I spilled an entire container of noodles down my shirt and jeans once in Chester. I remember just staring at them for ages afterwards wondering how I could rectify the situation.


Pished as a fart I was. 

In Topic: Coronavirus

Yesterday, 06:52 PM

Its absolute nonsense all this . Virus this, corona that. Absolute nonsense. 

In Topic: Aberdeen 1 - 2 Ross County

Yesterday, 06:43 PM

Dean Campbell is a cunt. Getting sent off just 30 mins into a game is unforgivable. Sure his pa will be on here soon to defend him but the lads a cunt. A young cunt who may learn from it but a cunt nonetheless.


At least he's not in Kent which makes you a total cunt. Fuck off. 

In Topic: Dean Campbell

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

He's probably feeling pretty down just now. His second booking wasn't premeditated or anything. Something instinctively done on the spur of the moment to stop Ross County getting an advantage . He's a young dude and hopefully he learns from it.