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In Topic: Coronavirus

Today, 09:39 AM

She's a bin woman


What does the boss of a bin woman do?  Probably shit that can be done at home...

In Topic: Coronavirus

Today, 09:36 AM

Depends on the company though.  Not much stopping people working at home nowadays...

In Topic: Coronavirus

Today, 09:30 AM

Any Oz rappers worth checking out, Bri?

I expect they'll be about Shy n Drs standard


Iggy Azalea the mad racist

In Topic: Mcinnes

Yesterday, 01:27 PM

1) No


2) He has earned the time to turn it around IMO. I would think the changes would happen either this summer or next when his contract expires. Can't see us sacking him half way through a campaign. 


I personally had this season as the turn around one.  It isn't boding well based on league form.  I can't see a sacking situation either tbh, I think it will be a mutual consent job down the line, and that probably makes most sense at the end of a season.

In Topic: Mcinnes

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

Think you need to look up the definition of thrashed as only the OF have done that on 2 occasions this year, arguably Hibs too. 


Who said anyone is happy with the failures? Even if we had taken 9/9 points off Celtic to date we would  still be 15 behind them; would rather our "big" result against them was in the cup(final) no?


Like BonnieDon has said without running ourselves into the ground Hearts style we will never compete for the title. Even then, Hearts still fucked it!!


Ignore the title chat, that is not what people are saying is an expectation or suchlike. 


The swell in anti-McInnes rhetoric, didn't come when we finished 30 points behind Celtic in 2nd place.  It didn't even happen when we finished in 4th place behind Kilmarnock (albeit, murmurings maybe started).  It has been this season, on the back of a poorer season, where we are performing less well in about every way going.  


It seems there are two questions underlying here, or maybe it is only one.  


Do you think this season has been acceptable?

If not, do you think McInnes can turn it round?


I find it utterly bizarre that anyone could come out and say yes to the first question.  The fact that the whole division is shite outside of Celtic and Rangers doesn't make it acceptable that we are playing terribly too.  We are closer in points to Hearts in last place then we are to second place.  It is unacceptably poor, and if anyone comes out and says otherwise (as our manager has), then I have to think they are deluded.