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#1904133 Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Posted by Foster14 on 17 February 2020 - 08:17 AM

OK answer the question of what they are celebrating in the clip I have posted. A simple answer.


I was over in Dublin not long before the vote and the streets were filled with yes and no material to the abortion, barely a street light without a yes or no board on it.  It was a huge deal on the ongoing battle between old Catholic Ireland and a liberal secular Ireland.  It was a very heated debate, and was always going to have a sense of relief and celebration for either side of the debate that ultimately came out on top in the referendum.  


In addition, in 1992, Ireland effectively legalised abortion as long as you were willing to travel outside of Ireland for it.  Constitutionally, a blind eye was being turned to it being done elsewhere, and for that reason, 1,000s of Irish women a year were travelling to the UK or elsewhere for an abortion.  


So, celebration wise, it goes a lot more far-ranging than this basic idea you have that these people are all celebrating the actual act of abortion (which was already legal if you had the means to get elsewhere), but actually for the win over what many view to be the stranglehold that Catholicism (a male-dominated religion, like most) has had over the direction of the country, as well as women to have that right to choose to have the procedure undertaken close to home.  

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#1901368 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 11 February 2020 - 08:18 AM

There is also certainly an irony in the training facilities opening and it coinciding with one of our worst periods under the management of McInnes, who has often used lack of facilities as a limitation to what the team can achieve.

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#1901355 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 11 February 2020 - 07:23 AM

I dont understand this angry fit people throw around Dochertys comments. 'Man defends boss' (with some of the points about Mcinnes record being fair enough) shocker!

I think some folk are overly sensitive if they are hurt by Dochertys press conference, who gives a shit?!



What club puts out their assistant as often as we do?  Genuinely don't know as can't say I follow enough clubs press conferences to know the answer to it, but I always felt that Docherty has done it a lot more than predecessors at Aberdeen.


I thought it was a bad one for McInnes to duck out of anyway, clearly by design as McInnes couldn't come out and say the things that Docherty did.


I think the main issue with it was that there wasn't enough focus on why there had been recent criticism, more that there shouldn't be criticism.  There were some comments that seemed to point the fingers at fans being ungrateful.  Given it all seem stage managed, it seemed to miss the point entirely, which is an understanding that recent form has been well below the standards expected, the buck stops at the manager and failed to try and put anything out there to acknowledge things need to change/improve.  I wouldn't say hurt is the word, but it showed a complete lack of understanding of the way the support is largely feeling just now and pointed more finger of blame at critics than themselves.


Now, since that, McInnes has acknowledged on various occasions that it isn't good enough, but the message is always about the players not doing it when they go out on the field.  Focus seems to be on them not doing what they are told, not playing as instructed, playing with fear etc etc.  The players are no doubt part of the issue, many are playing at a lower level than we know they are capable of, but firstly, now every player in that squad is there on McInnes' say so and also McInnes never seems to acknowledge he is part of the issue that needs to improve.  


So yeah, more annoying comments coming out of the management team rather than hurtful comments...

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#1901040 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 10 February 2020 - 12:45 PM

Aberdeen's worst seasons under McInnes:

  • Points - 67 in 2018/19.  We have 38 after 25 games this season.  We need 29 points from the remaining 13 games to match that, so 10 wins or 9 wins and 2 draws.  Safe to say, this will be lowest points and probably by a notable margin.
  • Goals - 53 in 2013/14.  We have 30 after 25 games this season.  We need 23 goals in 13 games to match our worst.  Safe to say, on current form, that is highly unlikely.
  • Wins - 20 in 2013/14 and 2018/19 - We have 10 after 25 games this season.  We need 10 wins in our last 13 to match our previous worst in his reign. 
  • Goals conceded - 48 in 2015/16.  We have 28 after 25 games this season.  It shouldn't be our worst then!

It is going to be our worst season under McInnes, beating last season which was pretty poor.  These are the two seasons with the highest playing budgets we've had.  If we fail to progress against Kilmarnock in the replay, you'd look back at this season and see very little of note from a positive perspective.  


Winning? Not enough.  Entertainment?  Non-existent.  Short of a miraculous turn of fortune in the final third of the season, season ticket sales are going to plummet and that usually means the manager's position becomes untenable. 

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#1897871 Sevco Thread

Posted by Foster14 on 04 February 2020 - 01:23 PM

The chat seems to be racism may force Morelos out of the Scottish game.  


a) Why is it only Morelos supposedly subjected to it.  Rangers have quite a few black players, so is Morelos the only one being targeted because of his skin colour for them?  Never mind the rest of the league.


b) Why is a bigger deal made out of this case compared to, say, a player being banned for a prolonged period for racially abusing another player?  If anything, the media spent more time defending the accused player than anything else.  Why is that?


I have no doubt that Morelos has been subjected to some racism in Scotland, but it is ridiculous that it is being used as a blanket to say why he is disliked in Scotland and making it out like he is some saint on the football pitch that gets persecuted for his colour/nationality.  An agenda to try and get even better treatment than they already do and moving towards a justification of why he left Rangers that was nothing to do with football or money on offer anywhere else and everything to do with being forced out of the Scottish game.  The Rangers fans will lap it up, he wanted to stay, he's one of "the people" etc etc.  


p.s. Could the PR machine working for them be any more obvious about desperately trying to sell him without stick a for sale sticker on his heid?

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#1895455 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 31 January 2020 - 09:45 AM

What a weird thing to blame McInnes for. "It's shite that we've beaten all these teams that we've been drawn against. Why couldn't we have faced Celtic every round" 


There's a lot to blame McInnes for, but "we've only beaten shite teams in the cups to get to finals" shouldn't be one of them. 


Not sure that he is blaming McInnes for that.  If you look at the 4 cup finals he has reached out of 13 attempts, most have involved straightforward runs.  We know previous managers haven't managed to navigate these and McInnes hasn't at times as well.  It is still noteable.


At the same time, you can look at cup finals since McInnes arrived.


Celtic 8

Aberdeen 4

ICT, Hibs, Dundee United, Rangers, Motherwell 2

St Johnstone, Falkirk, Hearts, Ross County 1


That is a commendable record for sure, especially given what preceded. 


Unless there is something still to come, the problem that will linger round McInnes' tenure at Aberdeen, is the state of Scottish football as a whole when he was in charge.  Rangers/Sevco were nowhere to be seen to start off with.  Hibs, Hearts and Dundee United all had varying levels of implosions.  As these teams have come in to the top league and strengthened, Aberdeen have struggled more.  It doesn't matter what state Hibs or Hearts are in when in the top league, we always have issues with them.  McInnes hasn't changed that.  


People will query whether he was the catalyst for the level of consistency that Aberdeen had for the first time in a while.  Or have other factors helped an average manager look more than average for a while?  


One thing is for certain, things aren't right just now and I'm not sure if it is a staleness of him being manager for so long or if any of the above factors do play a part.  If the final act of Derek McInnes' time at Aberdeen is a prolonged one with the kind of football and results that we have been seeing of late, then I can see me moving more and more towards the view that he has had a degree of luck in the Scottish football landscape that made him look better than he was.

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#1894945 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 30 January 2020 - 08:11 AM

A lot of OTT nonsense around McInnes on here and twitter just now.

He has gone stale but he's been a good manager for us over the piece. All getting a bit messy either way.

Docherty is right, he's done a lot for the club but it's not looking good just now. I can't see him pulling it back so he should go.

Some fucking nonsense being spouted saying "1 Diddy cup win on penalties" etc. That cup win was absolutely huge for the club and for a lot of fans it was the first time they had seen us win silverware.

A bit of respect due but he should go.


Cup win was big, agreed. He has provided consistency in the league.


Ultimately his tenure will probably looked back on with a degree of fondness, but with a feeling of missed opportunity by myself.  Particularly looking back at the Deila years.  And the St Johnstone semi final.  And the Dundee United semi final.


Last season was, on the face of it, was poor.  European football saved by cup win for Celtic.  Finished equal to Kilmarnock - a team with a fraction of the budget.  Loyalty I believe was shown to McInnes last year.  He hasn't shown that he is learning from those mistakes (poor transfers, poor tactics etc).  He has gone stale. That is why patience has worn thin.


Speaking of loyalty when he has actively spoken to other clubs about moving.  The fact that he decided what was on offer at Aberdeen was preferable doesn't mean loyalty, it means that what he was offered elsewhere wasn't better.  


Doherty has regularly done press conferences throughout McInnes' reign.  This one was a big one though, and doesn't it show disrespect to the fans that he doesn't turn up to?  A big match, with the pressure on, and he is nowhere to be seen.  Instead he sends his assistant to cheerlead him and criticise those who have an differing view.  A major own goal.


Overall, coming up to 7 years at one club is a long time for a manager.  The exception is maybe where the person has a strong link to the club.  Otherwise, generally, they will have not done enough and got sacked, or they will have overachieved and moved on to a bigger job.    It seems that McInnes' achievements are not deemed enough for clubs to be fawning over him, basketcase clubs Sunderlands and Rangers apart.  It's only got tougher as the bigger teams return to the Premiership (or make it there for the first time).  He has peaked in the job offers he will get elsewhere as his reputation at the Dons is slowly dwindling.  There is only one way this will end now, and that is acrimoniously.  

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#1894677 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 29 January 2020 - 03:35 PM

Tony Doherty at the presser today:



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#1894300 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 28 January 2020 - 04:21 PM

Agree but no denying most of us left Pittodrie after those two games on a high and looking forward to the season ahead.  


A right boot in the stones that has turned out to be


Agreed that the games in themselves were enjoyable (for different reasons).  


Just didn't take too much confidence from them given the opposition (for Chikhura) and actual play (for Hearts).  Too much crap last year, very average against ROPs and Chikhura away.  


Almost feel like McKenna's request, as much as a shitter as it was, is exactly the kind of scapegoat that McInnes will look to use when he finally goes for what has gone on this season.  I'd argue it would be a bit rich for him to complain about that after his own very public humming and hawing over potential moves.

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#1894265 Mcinnes

Posted by Foster14 on 28 January 2020 - 03:21 PM

We looked tremendous against the Georgians and not bad against Hearts.  It ll went to rat shit when the goofy judas cunt chucked in his transfer request before Rijeka away.


Just a reminder, this was the Georgian defending for one of the goals:




They were horseshit.  


Only got a win against Hearts with 10 minutes left after they went a man down.  This is Hearts who have been shit most of the season too and played even more agricultural football under Levein than we do.  


Perhaps people got their hopes up from those results, but there wasn't a lot there to really instill confidence. 


Hence being pish most of the year, and only having one winning run in the league all year (one 3 win run, otherwise, wins all broken up by losses/draws).

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#1891994 Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Posted by Foster14 on 24 January 2020 - 04:14 PM

One of their own MPs said it, i am not assuming anything.


I'm sure I will have concrete plans for Christmas dinner this year.  Doesn't mean I didn't have concrete plans for Christmas dinner last year, does it?

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#1891536 In The News

Posted by Foster14 on 23 January 2020 - 04:51 PM

It's a huge myth, addiction. It's just a lack of self control. It doesn't do anyone any favours letting them think they have no power over it, they do.


Unless supermarkets are behind it of course!  

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#1891481 Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Posted by Foster14 on 23 January 2020 - 03:09 PM

Again you talk bollocks:


I don't buy that,  I said there was no plan, which is true. The document you linked to indicates some aspiration to start considering the matter post-independence. 


The document I show commits to matching the UK plan straight away. Page 138:


"current pensioners will receive their pensions as now, on time and in full. Accrued rights will be honoured and protected"


The rest is their plan on how to change it should they have got in to power.  It would be a matter we would vote on.  They can't commit to the actions of an independent government.




I don't have plans yet for christmas dinner this year, that is not to suggest christmas wont be happening.


Your quote:


"In 2017, SNP MP Angus Robertson confirmed there was no plan in place to pay a state pension following a vote for independence"


There was a plan in place to pay the state pension.  I still think your wording and use of "to pay" gives the suggestion of their may be no payment as an option. 


Currently in the UK I know what age I will get my state pension. I can even log into an online service which will tell me exactly what quantity of state pension I have currently earned.

It is poor that the SNP cannot. The fact that they cannot even commit to matching the age and amount for future pensioners is poor and is indicative of how things would be.


As I said, only if you retire by 2028 and that is not to say it would change under another government.  


Online you can see how many years you've accumulated.  SNP committed to that carrying across.


The only reference to age is that the SNP thought it was agressive to raise it to 67 in the UK timeframe.  So if anything, they are intimating you may get it earlier in an independent Scotland (with SNP government), but you are complaining about not committing to matching it?  That doesn't add up.



Scotland would no doubt get its share of NI contributions back to pay pensions, but the SNP are leaving it open that they may decide to raid this fund for other purposes (kilts, haggis etc).


Made up.  Not once referred to in the white paper, or anywhere else.  



And the MP said he has "no doubt" we would have "concrete proposals" before the next indy ref.


The MP responded to a letter which I have no idea what the content is but he stated five main things re: pensions.

  • We would as an electorate have a choice to make in an independent Scotland - Correct
  • He couldn't guarantee who'd be in power, therefore couldn't guarantee how a pension would be approached - Correct
  • We'd get a share of the NI pot - Reasonable assumption
  • There'd be concrete plans for a pension from the SNP - Reasonable assumption given they gave detailed plans of what they'd do last time
  • No guarantee of UK plans - Correct given they have changed various things round pensions previously

Reasonable answer, well thought out, twisted by you to scaremonger.


well they are now shouting for a new referendum and I am being shown a 6 yr old hazy document, upon which the people are asked to gamble their income in old age.


Given it would be an evolutionary document, you aren't going to create it and release it before a referendum is announced.  That would mean continual update and release and till such time as we are allowed to have another referendum.  You know that though.



Is a state pension in indy scotland likely to be significantly higher than in the UK? Naw.
(The £1.10 a week more which the document boasted of is of no consequence).

Is a state pension in indy scotland likely to be paid earlier than in the UK? Naw.


Why have you changed the goalposts from equivalent to better at the end of your post?  

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#1891326 Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Posted by Foster14 on 23 January 2020 - 10:22 AM


How do you feel now?


Vindicated in my thoughts.


SNP MP Angus Robertson confirmed there was no plan in place to pay a state pension following a vote for independence.





No plan in place to pay a state pension is complete nonsense.  


He notes that he can't guarantee how it is done. Your wording, whether chosen poorly in error or to be facetious, gives the suggestion that the premise of a state pension being paid in an independent Scotland wasn't certain. 




So it is unclear what age I would get my state pension - unlike now.



Also shite as:


a) A new government can change the proposed changes to pension age for the UK, much like Angus Robertson is suggesting an independent Scottish government may choose to do so.

b) There are no guarantees in the UK beyond 2028 just now. This is an assumption on my part, you won't be drawing a state pension by then.  So no real clarity there either.

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#1890844 What You Doing Today?

Posted by Foster14 on 22 January 2020 - 01:13 PM

Didn't mantits shag her?


She is a Dundee fan, just like him!

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