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    • I think we'll be forced to sell someone. Mckenna I'd imagine. 2-3 million potentially and now that Hoban has signed we don't need to a replacement. I still hope we can sell Cosgrove in the future. I'd be pleased with Stewart as his replacement. Very similar type of player.
    • The problem is we are contractually bound to pay our proportion of Edmondson’s wages, regardless of him sitting at home in Leeds for four months. We were stretched to do that deal, let alone look at another one. 
    • Have to say I'm with CC and Daytripping on this one. These people aren't refugees, they're economic migrants. When they get interviewed, the standard phrase they use is "I want a better life". Well the UK (or any other country for that matter) does not owe anybody a better life. They are seduced by profiteering criminal traffickers promising a life of instant housing, benefits, free healthcare and a near guarantee that no matter if your "asylum" claim is rejected, it's still highly unlikely that you will be removed/deported ever. True refugees fleeing for their own safety would be only too happy to claim asylum in the first safe country they land in. Instead we see overflowing camps on the Greek Islands desperately wanting to be transferred to the mainland so they can continue their journey north-westwards towards the Channel coast and launch their own attempts to reach Britain. The time has come to close the door and do what the Australians do. And to put an end to the never-ending appeals process that inevitably ensues when one of them loses their case.  
    • Wait a minute!!  you don't even answer the points from the Swedish doctors article then have a go at me for having already formed views. hahaha He admits it wasn't a bed of roses but says they're through it now, we're still in lockdown and your opinion is the best opinion. Head scratcher that one. Me and moobs said all along lockdown wasn't the answer. Quite refreshing to be proved correct.
    • It’s not similar to Hibs. We’ve not made folk redundant have we? 
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