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Today, 06:51 AM

^ Russian hooker ones for me

Yet I find them extremely hard to get on with

What would you want with a Russian Rugby player? They are pish at the sport, at least aim to get one from new Zealand or south Africa.

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Yesterday, 11:48 PM

You might get some new gloves?

Nah I need specially made ones that lubricates as you wear them 😉

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Yesterday, 10:05 PM


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Yesterday, 07:45 PM

Someone is ripping the piss here, there is no way this can be Serious.

The charity wants vegans to be exempt from corporate events like horse racing or activities that might include cooking a "hog roast" on a barbecue.
Other recommendations include colour-coded kitchen equipment and separate areas to prepare meat-free food - as well as non-leather phone cases, being exempt from any part of purchasing non-vegan goods and the chance for staff to have discussions about vegan-friendly pension options.

Guess what, my work is organising some fashion show / swap nearly new clothes type event. I ain't interested in attending so won't attend but then again you don't see me moaning like fuck about it and demanding that they put on a beer and birds night to compensate.


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Yesterday, 11:43 AM

Oh please just fuck off with this nonsense. All this is doing is giving a section of society rights others don't have, or probably don't fucking want or need.

Do I question what people in my office are having for lunch, do I fuck. If you want to eat vegetables, meat, halal or whatever the fuck you want just do it.

As for a separate shelf, what about those who have allergies or other dietary requirements do they demand their own shelf as well.

Just gives the likes of nob head Norman from accounts more reason to be a pain in the arse banging on about his veganism and generally being a pain in the arse.