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In Topic: New Stadium Approved

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

Apart fae The Pitt is a 5min walk and 3 Lums would be a 30min walk.....through fields.

30 min walk ?

You must gather a fair bit of pace when your walking if you think that's possible

In Topic: Let's All Laugh At Celtic.

14 August 2018 - 07:11 PM

Fuck them

Good to see

In Topic: Dundee 0 - 1 Aberdeen

13 August 2018 - 07:26 PM

The boy Moussa was absolute horse shit.
Luckily for us.

One of the worst footballers in the SPL.

In Topic: Welcome Devlin

07 August 2018 - 05:00 PM

Early signs are good,

A lot to like about this guy so far.

In Topic: Where Are They Now

07 August 2018 - 09:31 AM

That was a really shite reply. Have to take the loss there.

To go along with the 29,000+ others.