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In Topic: Telly Programmes That Haven't Been Made Yet

Today, 03:17 PM

Worzels Rummage

Follow the ageing comedy country band as they attempt to survive having fallen on hard times. Moving from street to street and town to town in Somerset looking through bins hoping to find something to eat or drink. Marvel as they pass out, piss themselves and shit their pants in the strangest places.

In Topic: Over Rated Artists/bands

Today, 03:09 PM

Polar Bear's Aberdonian and good. A drummer with big hair.

In Topic: Over Rated Artists/bands

Today, 12:53 PM

Aye I concur with all that son - just seen you posting the same post three times all 5 minutes apart... Was worried you were having an asthma attack or summat haha (no laughing matter - apologies)

I was thinking much the same, mediocre list. JC pick of the bunch.

In Topic: Billy Mcneill

Yesterday, 03:23 PM

Aye OK. 🙄

Hang your head in shame, prepare for the lash, you have brought the good name of AFC Chat into disrepute

In Topic: Bradley Welsh/442 Magazine

19 April 2019 - 07:08 AM

There's a few of these types kicking about Edinburgh palling it up with Irvine Welsh. Reformed bad lads who're still at it. Bradley from Moredun acting like it was the ghetto. He may well have meant well with his charitable endeavours but looks more like a front. Welsh would lap that up as he glamourises the lifestyle. It's all pretty pathetic if you ask me, the state of the folk laying tributes, bams to a man