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Yesterday, 06:07 PM

Now , now. Some of the reviews are favourable .

" I saw comments regarding no AC but there was a portable fan in the room so I faced no problems.ā€

"The parking is located next to the apartment, but we have to pay 7 franks for the parking.ā€

"the bathroom size was too small for comfort, carpet smelled stinky like mildew, breakfast was too expensive, parking was not included"

"The Bellevue was not what I was expecting especially as the price was very high for what turned out to be just a basic MOTEL with no restaurant. The name also implies that there is a good view to the lake of Luzern but no it was of the back of a very unattractive building. I feel very cheated of the amount of money I had to pay for such basic accommodation. "

Haha (actual lol)

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

Most folk would mop up on here with the television series the office.

Then be totally fucked with the general knowledge round when you find out you know fuck all about the history of Ethiopia.

Oldest Christian church in the world and Bob Geldof

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 04:04 PM

A minefield. Who was top tips Sharon Mitchell going out with at this point, grant or Phil? I've no idea

Nick cotton, rite ma

I asked Nick Cotton to sign an autograph for one of mum's pals saying 'thanks for last night'. Cunt took the hump.

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 04:00 PM

Douchers on mastermind who choose the books by jk Rowling. Next boy chooses the Persian empire. May as well go on saying my specialist subject is Kellogg's cereal.

EastEnders 1990-93

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 03:49 PM

Have wondered before about what the Mastermind subject criteria is. Must be a producers call.

Sometimes folk go The British Empire or some shite when you could get asked anything. Iā€™d be clean opting for the goals of Darren Mackie at Aberdeen and revising on the plane down to the studio.

That's actually a pet hate of mine, someone's on with The History of Renaissance Art or some such thing up against some plonker whose specialist subject is the First Series of Blackadder.

Not a level playing field.