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Yesterday, 04:34 PM


:laughing:  I know you're a man of integrity even though we have never met and I wouldn't know what you looked like if we passed each other in the street.


Young mutants, get this; bobo lost a £50 bet to me on the hat years ago, PM'ed me and paid up!


This is something you fuckers would never do. Seen the Sleaford Mods in Glasgow recently. "Going out's for young people..."


You were right to pull me up when I got the results mixed up. Not that it detracted from the point. It was Wright who produced the killer cross to put the 3 points on a plate that day. Dropped again. Thanks Deek. Cunt.


I don't have a list mate. I hate them all. I'm just going to post once and ignore anything that follows. Too many trolls these days. And stupid people.

:hysterical:  :hysterical:


If you'd seen my face when you replied stating you had forgotten about the bed!

In Topic: Scott Wright

Yesterday, 04:18 PM


In answer to your question no I just read what's written on here and just follow the crowd :)


Couldn't you tell?


I thought it was weird how bobo did a pedantry on me. I knew we had won one and drawn one but got mixed up between the two, neither of which I was at this season. I've been to Hamilton and every ground many times watching AFC. Approx 750 games home and away, mostly home but plenty away.

I hope that's not me on the naughty list now Rocket.

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Yesterday, 04:14 PM


Yes, and the Ashes, and the Grand National. 


Personally I think it's a great idea - however you'd need to ensure that the pitch was able to withstand the extra demands which rugby would place on it. Something like the real/artificial hybrid which the SRU uses at Murrayfield, presumably. 

I think he was talking about the training facilities. Not the actual pitch.

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Yesterday, 12:25 PM

Pedantry. 2-2. He got the equaliser. Logan bottled it. Should have scored in first half too. Another embarrassing result.

You can claim pedantry but then again you shouldn't have went on to post this:


"If you dont know the subject, if you dont know the history, if you dont know what youre talking about, why would you be confused?"


Templeton has flattered to deceive over the course of his career. One great month at Hamilton doesn't change the fact he would not have been good enough for us at any point over McInnes tenure. Would things have been different if we had him break through in to our first team? Probably not as he could not wait to leave Hearts and join Rangers at the first sniff, setting his career back years.

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Yesterday, 12:11 PM

He's always been too loyal to some players. Mclean, Considine, Jack, Taylor, Reynolds.

He joked that some will have been happier he stayed than others as they get more game time.