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    • Think Parklife is obviously taking a lot because he was the biggest proponent for the lockdown measures on this forum. I certainly backed the lockdown measures myself initially, and have been quite smug that we've been sitting pretty in our covid-free bubble! However, the way things are going, I'm starting to change my opinion.  The events in Melbourne and Auckland, and the governments response to them, really worried me.  This passage from the swedish article sums things up. The issue we have in New Zealand & Australia, is that our response to any outbreak, regardless of the scale, is a quite draconian lockdown.  In WA we have the hard border closure too!  My worry is that as soon as these are relaxed, we'll see a spike of cases - then we'll be back into a brutal lockdown.  If this keeps happening, every time we attempt to relax restrictions, we are going to be battling Covid19 for many months, if not years to come... meanwhile the rest of the world will be back to normal. There is massive public backing for the border closures over here.  The support our local government has received for this means no one is going to be leaving or entering our state for a very, very long time!  A lot of it is fuelled by parochialism - I was a bit caught up in it by myself, but really worried we're now going to be facing this continual 'relax restrictions, then back-into-lock down' pattern for some time...  basically no one in our state of >2M people has been exposed to this virus yet. 
    • Hit it we a sledge hammer 
    • McGill is a hard watch,  cueball control is dreadful.  Fuck knows how he's got to the semis. I don't think OSullivan or Selby have much to worry about in the final unless Wilson ups his game,  and he's been mediocre as well.  I've noticed Wilson is constantly brushing chalk marks off the cloth after shots,  I think he's got OCD. 
    • What if the old folk are disabled immigrants,  but also feral parents?  Do they cancel each other out? 
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