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In Topic: 2020 Gigs

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Eyehategod were pretty damn good tonight

In Topic: What You Doing Today?

Yesterday, 11:09 PM

He's a dick DD son - plain n simple haha

Here fridge - you're a prick

Knows his sales and doctoring stuff though

In Topic: What You Doing Today?

Yesterday, 06:56 PM

Himmin Thierry, nae sure what you’re problem is with me. Did I fire abuse at you at some point? Cannot be ruled out but nae sure why you pounce on me all the time.

If you want a scrap I’ll easily get someone to kick you’re head in and pull you’re plug out.

You should know better by now, fridgey...

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Yesterday, 02:14 PM

that much is not clear RF min

that’s the problem with politics, folk not-ITK come out with sweeping statements that there is no way of ever quantifying

some Scottish people voted to stay
some voted to leave
others didn’t vote
and the vast majority had no vote at all

"Politics LOL"

In Topic: In The News

Yesterday, 01:37 PM

Good news. Hopefully leads to an improvement in our vital public services.

Nope. More money for less and, as Milne says, some vanity projects