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#1901065 Mcinnes

Posted by roosterbooster on 10 February 2020 - 01:31 PM

The past 2 season has seen the performances drop and the football become eyebleedingly bad - back in 2015/16/17 was some best football ive seen Aberdeen play - so Mcinnes shouldn't have the negative mentalityor at least he has proven he can play with flair, pace / attacking, great to watch football.


Unfortunately circumstances has conspired against us last couple of years


Our midfield prior to 21819, that in Mcinnes era had combinations of Hayes, Shinnie, Mclean, Christie, Robson, Mckay-Steven, peak form Mcginn and Jack (as much of a c**t he is he was a bloody good footballer)


Midfield is where chances are created and games are controlled and won,, the above midfield is bloody good, and all internationals, we were very lucky to have this quality, through good signings and timings. We seem to miss out using the midfield every game now and launch it to Cosgrove.


Our midfield now consists of what, Ojo, McGeough, Kennedy, Hedges, biscuit legs Bryson , end of career Mcginn, and Ferguson - the difference in quality is huge, and that's why I think we are seeing the massive drop in football quality, Ferguson aside, who is still very young and inexperienced. Unfortunately our transfer market area is not that of proven quality players, its either young talent to try and develop (ala Mclean) , or ones nearer end of career ala Bryson, sometimes these will work, but due to ££ we have available to spend most wont - we just haven't sourced the right signings or as good a ones as Hayes / Mclean, Mckay Stephen, or developed anything like Jack


Is a new manger going to improve us, probably could get initial boost to fans and team, as the whole place looks like its gave up, Mcinnes probably does deserve to end of season, that's when I think it will be mutual consent,


Teams come and defend against us, and we just really struggle to break them down, we need to get "lucky" again with some signings to help standard football improve


win next 3 games, all is forgiven back in business tho

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#1517035 Fars For The Dunt ?

Posted by roosterbooster on 04 December 2017 - 11:37 AM

we have a ridiculously high percentage of absolute morons amongst our fans

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#928464 Afc: Opinion On League Reconstruction

Posted by roosterbooster on 15 April 2013 - 07:10 PM

Scottish fitba am done !! The most silly thing is why is 11-1 vote still in Place am done rangers Celtic it's ran for 2 teams, good on Milne to express his disgust hopefully Yule does the same,,, over and out Scottish football
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