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#1809475 New Stadium Approved

Posted by Don Shula on 26 July 2019 - 05:56 PM

List them. From what I can see there's nothing that can be solved by blocking off a few hundred seats (camera platforms) and repurposing one of the hospitality lounges (media space).

Fuck all about pitch run offs which is the usual shite spouted.


The run off area needs to be 4m along the side of the pitch and between 3m and 5m behind the goals. I would imagine we don't meet the 4m along the side of the pitch. The other one we would not be able to fix is the dimensions of the pitch as it should be 105mx68m and our pitch is 100mx66m

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#1803878 New Stadium Approved

Posted by Don Shula on 16 July 2019 - 06:26 PM

I don't understand why some people find it so difficult to understand how stadiums are financed. Just think of buying a house with a mortgage, it is really quite simple.


The key point you are missing is that we exist in Scottish football. You maybe missed it but banks are no longer lending to Scottish football clubs as there have been too many fingers burnt in the past (Motherwell, rangers, Dundee, Hearts etc etc including our good selves where the Bank of Scotland wrote off £10M in a non recoverable debt). I guarantee that we won't get a bank loan of more than about £5M out of the £50M we need (most likely secured on future naming rights income stream to protect the bank).


You compare it to a mortgage on a house but it is utterly different. The bank lends you maybe 75-80% of the value of the house as they know that there is a very high probability they will get their money back if you default on the mortgage and they have to sell your house. If the bank lends us say £25M of the £50M we need and we default on our loan how exactly do you think they will get their money back? Who are they going to sell a second hand football stadium too? The only answer is whatever reincarnation of AFC then comes after the current AFC and they will offer pennies in the pound to buy the stadium as they will be the only buyer (remember the land has no planning consent for housing nor is it likely to get any so knocking down the stadium and selling off the land for housing won't work for the bank).


The stadium will only be built if current and new shareholders put up something like £25m-£30M of new cash from a share issue. Who knows if that will happen, probably only Dave Cormack and friends.

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#1779618 The Ryan Fraser Clause

Posted by Don Shula on 28 May 2019 - 05:51 PM

How much tax would the club have to pay on the money from a sell on clause I wonder.
Capital gains?

More than Rangers did I know that much



I don't think capital gains tax applies to businesses, although maybe there's an equivalent.



Vat maybe?


Here's the boring explanation!!


Aberdeen are a company so pay corporation tax, which is a tax on profits (after adjusting for various items) and don't pay capital gains tax. However if you have made losses in the past then you can typically use these losses to offset future profits and avoid paying tax. At the end of last year Aberdeen had almost £25Million of tax losses brought forward so it will be a loooooooong time until AFC ever pay tax to HMRC, if ever.


There is VAT on transfer fees so what we receive for Fraser will depend on what Bournemouth receive. If they sell for £30M plus VAT then we will receive £6M plus VAT. The VAT is a bit of a red herring as that is money that is received and then paid over to HMRC so we would clear £6Million (likely over a number of years I would expect). If Bournemouth receive £30M including VAT then that is the equivalent of £25M plus VAT so we would get £5M plus VAT so would clear £5M.


Hopefully that is not clear as mud!!

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#1700027 Europa League 18/19

Posted by Don Shula on 04 December 2018 - 03:31 PM

Has anyone been looking into this? From what I can gather it looks like an absolute disaster for our top league. Celtic will get Champions league qualifiers and the safety net of Europa League if they get pumped out. The runners up and third/fourth place will go into Europa League 2 which they have to WIN to get into the Europa League proper the next season. I assume there will be even less prize money for the EL2 games than the proper Europa League so the financial gap between Celtic and the rest is just going to get even wider.


Absolutely grim.


Yes, it's yet another creative way to keep all of the diddy teams out of the main competitions and dump us and others like us into this new competition. My understanding as follows


Champions League is unchanged. Our league winners, most likely celtic, will go into first qualifying round and have to win 4 ties to get into CL group stages. If they lose in the first round they drop into the new EL2 competition and would have to win 3 ties to make group stages. If they lose in CL second round qualifier they drop into Europa League and would need to win 2 ties to make EL group stages. If they lose the first of these EL qualifiers they then get a third chance in the EL2 qualifiers and if they win that they are in the Group stages. If they lose in the EL play off round they drop into EL2 Group stages. More doggy lives than you can shake a stick at.


The revamped Europa League which will have 32 teams instead of 48 in Group stages has 11 teams from top 6 countries straight into Group stages plus 10 teams that drop down from CL straight into Group stages plus winner of EL2 from last season. Final 10 places made up of 19 teams dropped down from CL plus a  further 9 teams from countries ranked 7-15 (Scotland currently 20 and a long way from getting to top 15) that go into qualifying rounds to get final 10 places. So very much a closed shop competition for teams like us.


The new EL2 competition also has 32 in Group stages which comes from 10 losing teams dropping down from EL play off round, a further 5 CL or EL teams dropping down into play offs plus 17 teams (like us) that need to make it through up to 4 rounds of qualifying out of around 140 teams (from every country) that enter so only something like a 1 in 8 chance.


So in summary it's going to be pretty much just as hard to qualify for EL2 as it is for the current EL with even greater protection for the CL and better EL teams with their never ending doggy lives. And as you say all for no doubt much less money. The only possible consolation is watching celtic getting pumped out of three European competitions by the end of August.



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#1591704 New Stadium Approved

Posted by Don Shula on 26 April 2018 - 02:57 PM




Kingsford will never ever be Aberdeen FC. The Dons from Westhill. The 4 bedroom housers as described by something_or_other. 


Doesn't represent me. Happily support another team.


Bye. Don't let the door hit you on your way out

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#1579345 Post Split Fixtures Discussion

Posted by Don Shula on 28 March 2018 - 02:23 PM

Should be Hibs and Killie going back for a 3rd time due to them not being in the top 6 last season. Emphasis on should be.


I think there's a couple of options for SPFL and stating the obvious whatever they choose it pisses off at least one club.


As Donnet says they could do it on a "seeding basis" and choose Hibs (who would then most likely end up being the team with an 18/20 split of games) and Killie (who would have a 19/19 split but would have a 3/5 Celtic/sevco split so will whinge about lower income). All other top 6 games would be as expected.


The alternative would be on some sort of "football fairness" basis and choose Hearts (who then get the 18/20 split) and Killie to visit sevco 3 times on the basis that Hearts/Killie have basically nothing to play for post split (a sort of precedent was set last year when the lowest seeded team - Partick - was the only one to get a 20/18 split in top 6). All other top 6 games would be as expected.


Either way there is virtually no chance of us going to Ibrox a third team and we will get the 5 games H and A that we would expect.

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#1571234 Sevco Thread

Posted by Don Shula on 11 March 2018 - 09:36 AM

Time to close this thread, now that normal service has resumed?


If you mean that they have only improved results and league placings by spending money they don't have - cheating bastards - then yes normal service is resumed

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#1568551 Scottish Cup 2017/18

Posted by Don Shula on 05 March 2018 - 08:27 PM

I hate football, I hate Aberdeen, I hate life and I hate myself.

There is no hope. On a long enough timeline everything dies and life is meaningless.

There is no hope.

I blame Friedrich Nietzsche, and Anthony O’Connor.


I wonder when Nietzsche said " what is wonder in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal" - did he have Nicky Maynard in mind?

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#1568524 Scottish Cup 2017/18

Posted by Don Shula on 05 March 2018 - 08:00 PM

If you're serious then just don't bother with football. You clearly get no enjoyment out of it.

You're a sad bastard if you don't want to get to the final just for the day out.


Just imagine the feeling as we head to Hampden in May to play Celtic, having lost 11 in a row, and fully expecting it to be 12, but somehow (no idea how to be honest) we beat them. So what was meant to just be a day out turns into a glorious not to be beaten feeling. That's what makes us fans and that's why we love our team - so yes plenty of reason to be down at the moment but you can't ever give up hope.


Sometimes you need to lose (okay maybe not 10 soon to be 11 times) to get even more enjoyment out of the winning.

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#1564921 Mcinnes

Posted by Don Shula on 26 February 2018 - 02:03 PM

Anyone got that list of DMc's full/loan signings please ?


I'll have a go at that



Logan (initially on loan)










Arnason (second time around)

































I think I have got everyone but no doubt will be told otherwise if I have missed one or two!!

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#1562379 Let's All Laugh At Celtic.

Posted by Don Shula on 22 February 2018 - 01:34 PM

That's not really true is it. If it got to a level where we had more European spots, that would help other clubs (well, or does if they don't then get emptied by a club from Belarus or Luxembourg), and if it got to a level (however unrealistic at the moment) where we had two Champions League spots, that would be huge for Aberdeen. Even if we didn't reach the groups, we get the fall-back of going into the Europa League.

Romania, Czech Republic or Greece, relatively small leagues like ourselves who this season had two CL spots. Maybe it didn't do a huge amount for them but they sure as hell wouldn't be keen to give them up.

The money Celtic make off a few sell-outs in the Europa League is not going to change the outlook of Scottish football.

The Champions League money is a different matter which is why I never want them to reach the group stage. But they can do what they like in the Europa League.


Let me be the boring fart and put some number to all of this.


On the coefficient Scotland are currently ranked 26th on 18.6 points. To get an extra Champions League spot you need to be 15th (and you also get an extra Europa League place so 6 teams in Europe). Currently Greece are 15th on 28.4 points. To put that into context the 10 point difference is the equivalent of Scotland winning 20 extra Group/knockout stages games or 40 extra pre Group stage games between our four countries over a 5-year period.


Just to get to enter at a later round you need to be ranked 17th which is currently Denmark on 26 points. So the reality is we are a million miles away from being ranked that high and in reality it will take 2-3 years of at least 2 clubs making CL or EL Group stages and then most likely 1 making it through to knock-out stages. I won't hold my breath.


On the money side this year Celtic will get in excess of £12Million in prize money from the CL plus their share of the marketing pool (not sure what that is but last year it was £13Million so no doubt will be at least that this year. So they get £25Million from CL plus gate money from their six games (another £10 Million?) minus expenses like player bonuses, travel costs, home match costs etc. So surely they clear £30Million from CL.


From the Europa League if they beat Zenit they get an extra £1Million in prize money pus another home game (depends who they draw but maybe another £2Million gate money). Obviously they get more if they go further but Panda is right that it is a drop in the ocean compared with CL


Given all of the above I see virtually no benefit to Aberdeen from Celtic winning tonight. Coefficient points are useless and whilst it is not CL level money fuck it even another £3M to them is enough to stockpile another 3 Jonny Hayes and further weaken competition in Scotland. We ain't catching them in the league so other than hoping for a bunch of injuries tonight I don't see any benefit to Aberdeen from a "tired" Celtic if they go more rounds

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#1561506 Mcinnes

Posted by Don Shula on 20 February 2018 - 12:11 PM

Fucking CRINGE


Not sure why you say that. McInnes has spent the last 5 years avoiding playing youngsters other than the odd one here or there as many on here criticise him for. McKenna is the only one who he has consistently picked and even then he only got his chance because the rest of our central defenders are not up to it and were ragdolled by Moult/Bowman in the cup game. For him to then play 3 in the same match against sevco was pretty unusual, not done before nor since

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#1561485 Mcinnes

Posted by Don Shula on 20 February 2018 - 11:39 AM

Strange that he decided to play 3 youngsters against the huns at Pittodrie when he thought he might be moving on, but hasn't given Ross or Harvie a look in ever since.


I'm not entirely convinced he picked the team that day. That was at the time when he was absolutely expected to leave and then went on his 48 hour gardening leave a day or so later. As you say a most un-McInnes team that also included starting with Rooney, May, Stewart and Wright a few days only after playing six defenders against the same team and then to bring on two youngsters when the normal pattern would be to bring on a Ball/Arnason was very weird.

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#1560346 Hibernian 2 - 0 Aberdeen

Posted by Don Shula on 17 February 2018 - 09:31 PM

Just back home so slightly calmer after stewing in car for last 2 and a half hours. My tuppenceworth on today


Main reason for loss today was lack of effort/application/determination by players. We have too many average players to expect to beat Hibs away if we don't put in the effort. How many times could we not be arsed going with their runners?


Derek I'm a fan but FFS stop fucking playing 3/5 at the back as our players haven't a clue or the ability how to play it properly. 4231 every game and let others worry about us rather than us sacrificing our game to over worry about them.


Too many crap central defenders in our squad - needs to be cleaned out starting by not renewing AOC contract


Christie/GMS/McGinn didn't win a tackle between them, oh and Christie has no chance of making it with Celtic given how he has played recently


Chidi looked very competitive, won a number of good tackles in first half but obviously tired


Woodman had a few good saves but won't make it as a top class GK unless he sorts out his kicking


Pointless playing Rooney in a match like today when he gets no service


Stevie May looked fitter than I expected so I would start with him next week as we will need plenty of energy to press Celtic defense if we are to get anything out of game next week


I know he's not been great most of the season but what has Greg Stewart done to merit not getting on ahead of Maynard?


We didn't lose because of the ref but Dallas is yet another in the line of refs that is either totally biased against us or just incompetent - some of the yellows today were just a joke


Hibs were decent today but let's not make them or their manager out to be the world beaters they are not - they didn't have to do anything special to beat us today


So Derek over to you. I'm a long time fan but even my patience is starting to wear thin. I remember all the bad days in the decade or so before you arrived so what you have done gets some benefit of the doubt from me. You did yourself no favours with all the Rangers shit. Your record against our main competitors is truly abysmal this season. Your squad is unbalanced with too many utility players that are not good enough in any single position. Next week let's have a proper go at Celtic playing our best players in

our best formation. If that means we get beat then so be it, I won't mind that if we have a proper go at winning instead of the usual meek surrender

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#1557876 Aberdeen 4 - 2 Dundee United

Posted by Don Shula on 11 February 2018 - 09:31 PM

We are in the next round, ultimately that's all that matters despite some of the issues from today


Jury still out on Woodman - didn't think he could do much with both goals, like his willingness to come and get ball at edge of box (take note Joe for when you are back) BUT his kicking is definitely a problem - too many sclaffed clearances like last week.


Jury long since returned verdict on O'Connor but amazingly he still gets picked ahead of Arnason. Is it fitness? Is it the rumours from start of season that he wasn't a McInnes signing? Can't figure it out to be honest but for sure we will continue to ship easy goals as long as we pick AOC.


Bonus that Considine suspended for next round so get Shinnie to his best position


Another stupid groundhog day booking for Shinnie


Wish we could bottle the GMS performance for every week


Typical Rooney goal, great determination but as said by others, he was done after 60/70 mins


We will really miss Christie/McLean next season


United tidy enough going forward but defensively they are shite and no way they are beating the second bottom Premiership team so another year in Championship beckons (no laughing at the back please)


Would fully expect to beat Killie in quarters BUT with the way the draw panned out we will need to beat a minimum of one of Celtic/Sevco and more than likely both of them in Glasgow to win cup so Derek better start taking the bravery pills now

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