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#1706234 Graeme Shinnie.....

Posted by minijc on 15 December 2018 - 09:31 AM

Replacing him with an actual midfielder that can tackle will be a huge improvement.

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#1706207 What You Drinking Today

Posted by minijc on 15 December 2018 - 08:41 AM

You’ll be back Ebbe, that’s if you want your invitation to the Hat Xmas party.

That'll end up switching venue after the owner asks for an extra £30.

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#1705363 What You Doing Today?

Posted by minijc on 13 December 2018 - 11:09 AM

Middle aged fantasists desperately clinging onto youth through illicit drug use and having questionable morals I'll have you know.
Don't knock it until you've tried it min.

Isn't that the same stuff you all use to slag another section of dons fans off for?

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#1704142 What You Doing Today?

Posted by minijc on 11 December 2018 - 02:41 PM

Writing a preview for the darts and arguing with a bookie via email after they cancelled a bet of mines, cunts.

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#1703413 Aberdeen V St Johnstone

Posted by minijc on 09 December 2018 - 08:27 PM

Club has brought a lot of this on themselves, neglecting the actual team to focus on the stadium pipe dream and setting up a system to "help challenge the old firm", really paying off for them.

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#1701493 Which Celebrity Will Die Next ?

Posted by minijc on 06 December 2018 - 10:03 PM

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#1699230 Aberdeen 0 - 1 Celtic - League Cup Final 2018

Posted by minijc on 02 December 2018 - 10:20 PM

Effort wise you can't really fault the starting 11, however you can't go in to a final with only 3 attack minded players, one of which is Sam Cosgrove who just isn't good enough, McInnes' record against Rodgers is appalling, as ever he's far too concerned about them.

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#1697768 Free Tommy

Posted by minijc on 29 November 2018 - 10:32 PM

If the syrian kid didn't abuse smaller kids and girls he wouldn't have got his arse handed to him, he's in a civilised Country now, it's not law of the jungle here. The mind boggles why he just didn't appreciate being in a nice place and become a model citizen.


LOL at the idiots who donated money for him!! the World will soon turn into a giant snowflake. Perhaps a debate on school bullying would have been better and the reasons behind that and those who try and put an end to it, instead it's been turned into a racist thing, disgusts me. 

Turns out that's not true, quines ma said the loon had nothing to do with it, other pics used by ol'Yaxley were that of an older news story which was completely unrelated.

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#1695917 Latest Purchase Thread

Posted by minijc on 26 November 2018 - 09:20 PM

You want to bet me £500 that you live to 40?

Who’s paying up if you don’t?

You’re a fucking lunatic min. Put the crack pipe away and off to your bed. You’ve an early start tomorrow. Bargain Hunt is on early.

Flight mode enabled.

You're back peddling here I see, you're saying that I'm a fantasist when it comes tot alking about bets, I'll prove to you I'm not, that's all.

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#1695845 Latest Purchase Thread

Posted by minijc on 26 November 2018 - 08:18 PM

Just did. Top result.

Pathetic waste of space gambling fantasist who’s parents desperately want out.

Sorry we can't all be in our 40s with 3 kids, a wife we cheat on and a chronic drug habit.

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#1684345 Lewis Ferguson

Posted by minijc on 01 November 2018 - 06:52 PM

Thing with Mctim is he's a known non trier for games against Celtic where as they are the team that punted him, didn't rate him nor did they want him, he should be going all out to prove a point.

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#1683767 Shay Logan

Posted by minijc on 31 October 2018 - 11:49 AM

His mate is a cunt for putting that out there.

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#1683431 Boxing Fans

Posted by minijc on 30 October 2018 - 03:05 PM

Joshua is a proper boxer, Fury is just a spoiler with a big mouth.

Hahaha come away min, he's a big stiff power puncher and that's it.

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#1681404 What Are You Having For Your Lunch?

Posted by minijc on 26 October 2018 - 08:28 AM

1 x Bowl of Gumbo
1 x Deep fried shrimp (prawn) salad/hummus
1 x slice of blackberry cheesecake
1 x an Orange
1 x water

Great in I.D

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#1677684 Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal In Canada On Wednesday

Posted by minijc on 18 October 2018 - 08:08 PM

Meditate?! What stresses do you have?! @Henry

Sorry never realised you had to have stresses to meditate, suppose with you being a nurse you'll be an expert on who can do what and why they need to do it.

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