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Today, 10:42 PM

Still a subs bench to be confirmed

In Topic: Drugs

Today, 10:42 PM

I get that sitting at Pittodrie .



Over two years ago I typed that and it still makes me chuckle. 

In Topic: Favourite Funcy Piece

Today, 10:39 PM

I hate asking for things if I don't know the name  " One of those cream things with jam on it"   embarrassing .

In Topic: The Hat Porn Mag Anthology

Today, 10:14 PM

There's a shop near Trongate (weege) that has quite the shelf of bongo mags. Asian owners. I always wonder how that fits in with their religious beliefs. 

In Topic: Favourite Funcy Piece

Today, 10:11 PM

Fuck's sake Cheeser, I'd forgotten all about Tipsy Cake.

Brings me back to when I was a young Loon.

My Old Boy drove a Sunblest van and during the holidays, I used to go with him as he did his round out Fyvie way.

Trays full of custards slices, doughnuts, cream buns and assorted cakes but the topper out of them all was the Tipsy Cake.

I must have eaten a fair chunk of Sunblest's profits during my Summer holidays.

Tipsy, for me although a nod to an Eggy Custard too



..,the children called him Bogie?