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Yesterday, 10:42 PM

When New York was experiencing mass immigration back in the day, they tried to control it, at the checkpoints there were rules saying no illiterates, no diseased, no Irish and no Chinese.



Strangely that's just about all you'll find in New York these days. 

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Yesterday, 09:30 PM

"Three or four months ago we might have lost that game 1-0." ~ Derek McInnes on the draw with St Mirren



In Topic: In The News

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

Just flew into Dublin and all the (fuck knows what the technical term is, Chinks?) were wearing gasmasks.

What the fuck is that about.


Maybe they're scared they'll catch something aff the Paddies. 


Seems a bit cheeky, considering the current situation and all.. 

In Topic: Which Celebrity Will Die Next ?

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

Philthy Animal... Deid. 


Died a few years back, to be fair, but only just found out. 


In Topic: Mcinnes

Yesterday, 07:04 PM

What’s it going to take to finally admit the last nail in McInnes’s coffin has been driven in?


big loss to Huns next game? ...... probably not


failure to beat St Johnstone next league game after? ...... again, probably not.


knocked out of cup by a now struggling Killie?....... again, probably not.


what exactly does the cunt have to do to get himself binned? Say that we as fans have too high expectations? Accusing fans of spitting on him? 

The cunt seems untouchable ffs


Cormack's being pretty quiet about the situation. Hopefully that's because he's busy negotiating the triumphant entrance of Micky Mellon, and an Uber for Derek.