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In Topic: In The News

Today, 05:31 PM


Must have a terrible diet


I see The Sun has maintained its proud tradition of journalistic excellence over the years. 


Man makes ludicrous claim, Sun posts bright colorful pictures for its 'readers' to look at and wonder what the story might be about. 


This picture next to the 'story' did catch my eye, though. 



In Topic: Happy Tunes

Today, 05:05 PM

Personal favourite Happy Tune of mine. 


Possibly crosses the line from cheerful to fruity, but still... terrific stuff from Harry oot Third Rock, from Third Rock. 


In Topic: Shares

Today, 02:34 AM

I am shit at picking stock. 


Every stock I've ever bought has tanked and become worthless... 


This Tullow thing sounds promising, though. 

In Topic: Random Youtube Shite

Today, 02:14 AM

Here's this. 



In Topic: Mcinnes

Yesterday, 10:40 PM

McInnes to Huns in January when Gerrard disappears off to the first Championship team that'll have him?


Will be hilarious to see  a McInnes The Rangers field 6 defensive players against Celtic at home.


He'll last until his first game vs the Green Vermin, because 'The Rangers' 'deserve better'.