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In Topic: Where Are They Now

Today, 09:02 PM

I mean, he's basically right. 'if I was more successful, I'd be more successful'


It's how successful he sees himself if he manages to scrape through a play off though. " If my players had not fucked up Id be at PSG".


No you wouldn't Mark. You'd possibly be manager of a struggling EPL team for a few months before they punted you after two months or as soon as it looked like your team would be struggling. 


Then you'd end up at Motherwell again.

In Topic: Tommie Hoban

Today, 09:00 PM

Yeah, fuck getting it repaired then going through rehab and coming back potentially better and earning big wonga to set you up for life.., go to college and get a certificate in social work or massage therapy.

In Topic: Posters That Are No More....

Today, 08:57 PM

Ive never been to Wick..., BUT I know a few things about it...,


1.Tupppington lives there.

2. It has a cafe.., BUT more interestingly, when folks were designing an online encyclopaedia and trying to have a reference for for everything and anything on the planet , the website was started and launched in Wick.., hence

3. Wickipedia

In Topic: In The News

Today, 08:51 PM

I wouldn't fancy living next door to her put it that way. 

In Topic: Tommie Hoban

Today, 06:07 PM

^^ That doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. It's a question of circumstance.