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Today, 02:33 PM

Case Study: The London Riots 2011

A burning building during the 2011 riots in Croydon, south LondonA burning building during the 2011 riots in Croydon, south London
In August 2011, London and other parts of England experienced some of the worst street riots in more than 50 years. Tens of millions of pounds of damage was done to property, with several people injured. The deaths of two people have been linked to the riots in the city.

The Independent Riots, Communities and Victims Panel conducted an enquiry after the riots. It concluded that the factors responsible for what happened in London and elsewhere in 2011 were complicated.

In Topic: Casual Racism

Today, 02:30 PM

Remember the looting shite?

Was unacceptable behaviour and they did have to make an example of folk to try and stop it.

But there were some completely mental charges getting fired out? 10 years in jail for a first offence smashing a window and nicking a tv from Dixon’s to show off to your mates.

Plus a disgrace it didn’t happen in Aberdeen. Would have been fucking ace fun.

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Today, 02:11 PM

Reliving my youth. It's okay it's almost done. The next choice is between:

- Fleetwood Mac -Rumours
- 2Pac -All eyez on me

The hat decides

Boy I know quite literally only has two cds. Rumours and Shine 2.

I “hilariously” bought and wrapped up Shine 3 and give it to him. I doubt he has ever listened to it.

Track List
1 –Pulp Common People
Written-By – C. Doyle*, J. Cocker*, N. Banks*, R. Senior*, S. Mackey*
2 –Oasis (2) Roll With It
Written-By – Noel Gallagher
3 –Supergrass Alright
Written-By – Supergrass
4 –Lightning Seeds Marvellous
Written-By – Broudie*
5 –Sleeper (2) What Do I Do Now?
Written-By – MacLure*, Osman*, Stewart*, Wener*
6 –Menswear Stardust
Written-By – Gentry*, Dean*, Everitt*, White*, Black*
7 –Cast Alright
Written-By – J. Power*
8 –Garbage Only Happy When It Rains
Written-By – Garbage
9 –Echobelly King Of The Kerb
Written-By – Johansson*, Madan*
10 –Ash Angel Interceptor
Written-By – McMurray*, Wheeler*
11 –Blur End Of A Century
Written-By – James*, Albarn*, Rowntree*, Coxon*
12 –The Stone Roses One Love
Written-By – Brown*, Squire*
13 –The Boo Radleys From The Bench Of Belvidere
Written-By – Martin Carr
14 –Gene Olympian
Written-By – Miles*, Rossiter*, James*, Mason*
15 –The Charlatans Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over
Written-By – Brookes*, M. Collins*, Blunt*, R. Collins*, Burgess*
16 –The Levellers Fantasy
Written-By – The Levellers
17 –Marion (3) Let's All Go Together
Written-By – Harding*, Cunningham*, Grantham*
18 –Shed Seven Where Have You Been Tonight
Written-By – Shed Seven
19 –The Wannadies Might Be Stars
Written-By – The Wannadies
20 –Happy Mondays Step On '95
Written-By – Chris Demetriou*, John Kongos

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Today, 01:56 PM

Spotted this on social media again now that restrictions are loosened a bit - general gist is single mums posting about what to get up to now that the kids are away to their dad's.

Nothing wrong with that at all, but let's just be honest here, you're putting the call out for a ride, just say that.

Why the fuck would post this and not provide these lassies names so we can ride them?

Poor min.

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Today, 01:07 AM


Never a truer word spoken.

The clap clinic is tremendous stuff. Sitting waiting with some horrendous fat hounds and they don’t say your name when they call you to keep you’re alias and just say number 145.

Folk hanging their heads in shame. Fuck that should be just a what the fuck have you been up to and was she worth getting some shit fired down your dick.