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    • What’s been seen here and in europe is that the second lockdown is worse than the first. The politicians know they can get away with it. here we are at 120 odd days covid free and the WA feds and politicians are warning to expect lockdown. There are strong whispers in the health sector of a need to be ready. why now? Because some place thousands of kilometres away for a few cases? But you’re right, the easiest way to annoy a sandgroper is to question the logic of McGowan or the border strategy. Folk whose lives have been fucked by the decisions almost have to apologise for pointing out their predicaments.
    • Fair enough - I'm starting to think you'll be proved right. If there is 'an outbreak' here... the response will be draconian - that is almost guaranteed.  Full lockdown is certain. Your average West Australian is loving this... they are mainly loving lording it over folk from the eastern states. I don't think McGowan is power crazy per se... he's just a politician, that's what they do.  He is in an immense position of strength - there probably isn't politician anywhere else on the planet who is more popular right now.  He's being celebrated as a hero - I've never seen anything like it.  if you are McGowan, why wouldn't you ride that wave? The more he pushes for the hard border and fights to keep WA closed, the further his popularity is rising...  Even if it becomes blindingly obvious that lockdown is the wrong solution to the problem, it is going to be really hard to change opinions.  Its a depressing outlook, but I think we are in for a really difficult 12 months to come... makes a big difference to lapping up our freedoms, while the rest of the civilised world were in lockdown!
    • Welcome to what eh have said all along. McGowan is loving this. All that shite with Palmer has shown him up to be power mad. Would not be surprised in the least if there is an “outbreak” in the next week or so. 
    • The continuity problem with the posts is annoying as fuck. 
    • It's a witch hunt. World's lost its mind. 
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