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In Topic: Hibernian V Aberdeen

Today, 04:45 PM

Sevco did to us what Celtic did to them last season....didnt really care if they lost as they knew it would cost us an automatic Euro spot just as last year Celtic lost at home to us not really caring too much as they were partying and in losing knowing that it would confirm us in 2nd ahead of sevco.


We finished 4th because of that horrendous run after the break where we couldnt beat any of St Mirren, Hamilton and Livi at home

In Topic: Europe Or More Time To Shape Squad?

Today, 04:09 PM

Yes it would


Next question?



EDIT.....and then delete your account

In Topic: Where Are They Now

Today, 04:04 PM

Stewart -> Sevco


Well this is news. Where did you hear that???

In Topic: Hibernian V Aberdeen

Today, 04:03 PM

How dare he miss a penalty


It was an abomination of an effort. In golf would have been a 30 yard duff

In Topic: Hibernian V Aberdeen

Today, 03:53 PM

FT killie 2-1