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In Topic: Favourite win over the huns at Pittodrie

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

Having made the predictable appointment of The Uber-Hun John Grieg and the said John Gregg having made a pigs arse of the job, the next ‘safe’ appointment was another Uber-Hun, Jock Wallace. His first game in charge was a 3-0 thrashing at Pittodrie,
which was thoroughly enjoyable.


Wallace was at best their third choice. They tried and (obviously) failed to appoint Fergie and Jim McLean, both of whom rejected oldco's advances.

In Topic: Summer Transfer Window 2020

Yesterday, 03:24 PM

Nothing for the time being. A WW said, DM stated on Radio Scotland that we are in no position to sign anyone under the present circumstances, he also said that most of our squad are under contract for at least another year, but if any had been going out of contract he couldn't have seen any other option but to let them leave. Where that leaves Cerny is anyone's guess but if you take him on his word then he won't be getting an extension at least for the time being. 


I suspect if McInnes were in a position to be able to sign a player then Leigh would be his preference over Hayes. He would probably work out no more expensive over the course of a 3 year contract than Hayes would even though we would need to pay a fee for him due to Hayes' expectations of a far higher wage. 

In Topic: Sevco Thread

29 May 2020 - 07:49 AM

I got a txt the other day from a Sevconian telling me that Sevco had made an "enquiry" to Derby re Shinnie's availability.

The texter is a Hun.

Told him to fuck off


He gets a mention in the follow follow transfer thread I posted in here a couple of days back. Some zoomer posted as fact that Shinnie hadn't made any breakthrough into the Derby first team (he absolutely has) and might be available fairly cheaply in summer. This split opinion amongst the hun hordes. Half thought he was totally shite, other half want to pair him with Jack in the sevco midfield. Anyway I'm presuming your "ITK" texter had read said thread, put 2 and 2 together and made 1690. 


Tell him to insert his phone up his hoop. And then tell him to fuck off.

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

28 May 2020 - 06:01 PM

Budge was on the tranny half an hour ago claiming that if her proposal was voted down "the board would take action"


Not the Hearts board.....the SPFL board she clarified  :hysterical:


I think the auld hoor has developed a severe case of sunstroke. 

In Topic: Lets all laugh at Hearts

28 May 2020 - 02:34 PM

This reconstruction business is a pile of pish.


If it's a permanent thing, then deciding it during coronavirus is a terrible idea.


And if it's a temporary thing, the transition back to the old system is going to cause more problems than it solves. And then it becomes nakedly obvious it's just a scam to keep Hearts in the top flight, instead of facing up to their richly-deserved relegation.


Personally, I've always liked the idea of Hearts and Hibs being merged, to provide a single Edinburgh club that could be taken seriously. Hopefully that's what this Gillett guy has in mind -




I presume you are too young to remember the Wallace Mercer led proposed merger between the Edinburgh duo in 1990 (in reality....takeover of Hibs). The only thing it succeeded in uniting was the supporters of both clubs absolute abhorrence of the idea. The Hearts fans may have come round to it eventually as it was in no way a merger....it was Hearts taking over Hibs lock, stock and barrel.....and no doubt the new club would have played at Tynecastle in maroon tops had it come off. The Hibs fans at best would have boycotted it. At worst they might have torched the stadium. It's a dreadful idea. Edinburgh is plenty big enough to support 2 big teams. And if Hearts go down and stay down....hopefully Edinburgh City will become their second big club (sniggers)


The Dundee clubs amalgamating is a totally different proposition altogether. That one does make sense.