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#1947934 Lets all laugh at Hearts

Posted by Ten Caat on 28 May 2020 - 02:34 PM

This reconstruction business is a pile of pish.


If it's a permanent thing, then deciding it during coronavirus is a terrible idea.


And if it's a temporary thing, the transition back to the old system is going to cause more problems than it solves. And then it becomes nakedly obvious it's just a scam to keep Hearts in the top flight, instead of facing up to their richly-deserved relegation.


Personally, I've always liked the idea of Hearts and Hibs being merged, to provide a single Edinburgh club that could be taken seriously. Hopefully that's what this Gillett guy has in mind -




I presume you are too young to remember the Wallace Mercer led proposed merger between the Edinburgh duo in 1990 (in reality....takeover of Hibs). The only thing it succeeded in uniting was the supporters of both clubs absolute abhorrence of the idea. The Hearts fans may have come round to it eventually as it was in no way a merger....it was Hearts taking over Hibs lock, stock and barrel.....and no doubt the new club would have played at Tynecastle in maroon tops had it come off. The Hibs fans at best would have boycotted it. At worst they might have torched the stadium. It's a dreadful idea. Edinburgh is plenty big enough to support 2 big teams. And if Hearts go down and stay down....hopefully Edinburgh City will become their second big club (sniggers)


The Dundee clubs amalgamating is a totally different proposition altogether. That one does make sense.

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#1947060 Lets all laugh at Hearts

Posted by Ten Caat on 26 May 2020 - 02:24 PM

No what I mean is, are there last few games before the split against bigger or wee'er teams?

Ie, do they have easier games left than those around them

Its irrelevant anyway, they had 8 games left to save themselves, this is wholly unfair


They had us to play in the last round of fixtures prior to the split at the Pitt. Just checked, other 2 games were away to Livi and home to Ross Co. They might have won the lot. Conversely, could easily have taken nothing. I suspect between 2 and 5 points would have been the actual figure. I'm with you on this...I think had the season played out that they'd have somehow gotten themselves out of the hole that they were in...more than likely by winning a play-off with ICT. However I'm basing that more on  Ross Co were in utter freefall in the previous weeks than Hearts being any good. Hamilton, despite being perennial strugglers always seem to find a way of surviving.


What cannot be disputed is that for nearly 18 months, Hearts were the worst team in the SPL. Despite Levein and Stendel spending vast amounts of cash they quite obviously didn't have on assembling a massive (but shite) squad. And if their relegation is confirmed, I fully expect them to go into administration in short order....it's the only way they can shed enough players rapidly to make their numbers work. That's the bit where I lose sympathy for them. Granny Budge allowed Levein to vastly overspend (not on Romanov levels I agree but nevertheless unsustainable) and gambled that Stendel, by spending more on top, could save them from relegation. Covid-19 put a dirty great bomb on that plan. They've got to go though. If we have a winner (Celtic) then we must have a loser.

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#1945994 Next Seasons Kit..

Posted by Ten Caat on 24 May 2020 - 11:48 AM

Bitch I DESIGNED that shit.
Not the first time I've lied about my age.


No you didn't


You'd have had it covered in sequins

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#1945992 Released players

Posted by Ten Caat on 24 May 2020 - 11:41 AM

I thought Cerny was keen to head back home to the Czech Republic but maybe will review his options given that the market is likely to be flooded with free agents. If he goes, i'd consider Zlamal from Hearts as our back up.....who is likely to be freed if their relegation is confirmed. Christ knows why Stendel thought that Pereira was a better option.

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#1942747 Sevco Thread

Posted by Ten Caat on 17 May 2020 - 08:49 AM

Just had a quick scout on swallow swallow to see what they are saying. Deluded cunts think it's a done deal....they reckon we urgently need the money. They're a bit split about whether they think he's good enough or not but have no doubt that they can and will just help themselves to him.


Then checked the Sun to see what was actually said. Firstly..."Sunsport understands". Always means they actually haven't a fucking clue and are just taking a flier on the story. Secondly....it was written by Andy Devlin. A top class wanker/bullshitter who makes other  weegie journalists like Spiers and even that tosser Keith Jackson seem positively credible. File under "complete bullshit".


The fans would rip Cormack's pearly whites out one by one with a pair of rusty pliers if he sold anyone to sevco. 

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#1939669 Sevco Thread

Posted by Ten Caat on 10 May 2020 - 03:16 PM

Inverness now firmly aligning themselves with Sevco with today’s statement

Highland Huns indeed. Fuck ‘em.


It's a stunning statement it has to be said. However had reconstruction of the leagues taken place, putting ICT into the Premier, you can be absolutely sure they'd have happily kept their mouth shut about the whole affair. They've gone nuclear only because things haven't went as they hoped.


That said...Doncaster must surely now realise his arse is toast. If he has any dignity he will walk before he's pushed. 


Hopefully sevco will now get their self financed independent enquiry. And Dungcaster gets subpoena'd. I'm sure he will have plenty to say about what went on behind closed doors when the 5-way agreement was cobbled together in 2012. A loose cannon with nothing to lose is just what sevco don't need in their quest to keep up the continuation myth. Well played der Hun  :rangers:

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#1939478 Lets all laugh at Hearts

Posted by Ten Caat on 10 May 2020 - 07:47 AM

I'm pretty relaxed. We deserve it. I go with the votes. Like referendums. Prick.


Point of order


Which Championship club will you select as your forum of choice to post on next season?

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#1938694 Lets all laugh at Hearts

Posted by Ten Caat on 08 May 2020 - 07:26 PM

Wouldn't surprise me at all to see them put themselves into voluntary administration (yet again) within a day or two of their relegation being confirmed. Would allow them to shed themselves of a big old chunk of their massively bloated squad and at least try to re-negotiate the contracts of those who they intend keeping.


They might even strike it lucky if a few other clubs are forced into following them.....in the present extraordinary circumstances the SPFL might feel that enforcing the mandatory points deduction for going into administration is a bit harsh.



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#1935729 Season Tickets 2020/2021

Posted by Ten Caat on 01 May 2020 - 12:27 PM

Let's just assume we do develop a vaccine that proves effective. And have it available by January (a reasonable guesstimate as governments are allowing pharmaceutical companies to "cut corners" testing wise in order to have one available asap).


Scaling up production to make billions of doses won't happen overnight. But it will happen a helluva lot faster than actually being able to give the world's population them which will likely take decades. In the UK a practice nurse could probably give 10 vaccinations per hour ( it isn't just a case of lining everyone up and jabbing away to your heart's content...each dose of a vaccination has a manufacturer's code that needs to be put into the patient's notes individually)....assuming that she is dedicating her time to purely doing covid vaccinations alone which of course she absolutely won't be as there are countless other tasks she needs to perform on a daily basis. My guess is they will try to assign retired nurses to purely do these vaccination clinics but to do over 60 million of them I think will take at least 3 years, more likely 5.


We cannot practically social distance for all that time. Already it is too late to save some small businesses from going under. Even huge ones like Virgin Atlantic are tottering on the brink. We risk an economic meltdown not seen since the days of the Great Depression in the 1930s. That would kill many more than Covid ever will

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#1932355 Out Of Contract

Posted by Ten Caat on 23 April 2020 - 12:18 PM

I would much rather he stays. He's been a good player for us. As good as Lowe IMO.


Oh steady on. Lowe is now worth about £5million having established himself as Derby's first choice left back, they turned down an offer of £1.75 million back last August for him.


Leigh is a decent left back by SPL standards and probably worth a bit more than whatever the fee was that we had agreed with Breda ( I suspect about £150k ish). But he's not in the same league as Lowe.

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#1928954 Lets all laugh at Hearts

Posted by Ten Caat on 14 April 2020 - 03:05 PM

That's it fucked you stupid auld git. If you have them relegated, then league reconstruction is a banker

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#1928891 Coronavirus (Football Thread)

Posted by Ten Caat on 14 April 2020 - 12:19 PM

No relegation.

Promote the top two in each division.

Would be the best outcome here


No it wouldn't. I'd accept a total reconstruction.....top league of 18 , 2 lower leagues of 12. 


Otherwise it's as is, and cheerio Hearts, Partick and Stranraer from your respective leagues

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#1928069 Lets all laugh at Hearts

Posted by Ten Caat on 12 April 2020 - 06:09 PM

theres too many shitty little clubs in scotland to make the league bigger


will be games where they might as well give us the 3 points instead of the hassle of playing the 90mins


Exactly why in 1976 we moved to a 10 team Premier League......well along with the fact that clubs wanted a guaranteed 2 home games against both of the arse cheeks (no league splitting late in the season in those days). But resulted in teams like Dundee (especially), Hibs, Hearts, St Johnstone, Killie and Morton becoming yo-yo clubs for varying periods in the ensuing years. And as has been said....we have fairly frequently struggled to dispose of lower league clubs in Cup competition. QOS, Queens Park, Hibs, Dumbarton all spring to mind.


In the 44 years since we went to that only on 4 occasions have one of the arse cheeks not won the league....and 3 of those were us, last time 35 years ago. An expanded league where everyone only faces each other once home and once away, whilst not quite a sprint, might just even the odds up slightly of having someone else having a chance. Puts an absolute premium on winning all your home games and not settling for a point at places where now a point might be viewed as an acceptable result..


The status quo ( love double denim) will only result in another 35 years of Celtic initially dominating and sevco (or their next incarnation) eventually getting their shit together and starting to share them out returning us to a duopoly

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#1927730 Sevco Thread

Posted by Ten Caat on 12 April 2020 - 08:42 AM

I really don't think sevco are stupid enough to go as far as they have without knowing they have at least one scapegoat they can pin the blame for all this on. Dundee look bad for sure but Doncaster at best comes out of this looking incompetent and will have to resign. At worst he may be guilty of corruption and this could be  case for Dibble to investigate.


Of course there's no doubt sevco have been trying to influence other clubs into voting no. At all costs, they want to prevent Celtic being handed the league. Getting the prize money divvied out is just a smokescreen. They may well be in financial difficulties but I think they have enough to get through for a few months. Long term Celtic getting to 10IAR will be far more damaging to their finances. I'm fairly certain their board members will stick their hands in their pockets next season to go all in on winning the league. Boom or bust if you like.


EDIT...as someone else said, this is a no- lose situation for us. Either sevco are telling massive porkies and would have to face some kind of sanction or Doncaster is forced out the door on the 6th floor....something that really should have happened in summer 2012 with his threats of Armageddon and trying to ride roughshod over countless rules in order to shoehorn newco as far up the league system as he could, In an ideal world, both scenarios occur.

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#1927406 Coronavirus (Football Thread)

Posted by Ten Caat on 11 April 2020 - 02:15 PM

It's beginning to smell worse than a fishmonger's in a heatwave during  power cut. There has been a screenshot of a whatsapp conversation been posted involving Doncaster, Gerry Britton and someone from Dundee, where Dundee seem to be asking that the vote they first claimed to have sent, then tried to deny they had sent, be now disregarded.


At best it's utter incompetence. At worst it's pure corruption. Dungcaster must surely take the ultimate blame no matter what. If he doesn't resign, then he has to be fired. 8 years too late...

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