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In Topic: Mcinnes

Today, 03:23 PM

Somebody quoted a stat on I think sportsound that the huns this year in 2nd were on fewer points than we had in the similar position 16,17 and 18? Pretty shocked by that I must admit. And I agree that us being horse against bottom feeders is what does it.



Why would you be shocked?  The huns are shite.  


Suppose if you buy into the west coast media pish about this being the first "real title race" since old-co died then you might be shocked. 

In Topic: Sevco Thread

Today, 02:13 PM

I'm hearing that Sevco are setting up academy training sessions in the Aberdeen area on a Friday night.



Where about?  It'd be a real shame for them to be disrupted.......

In Topic: kilmarnock v Aberdeen

Today, 11:24 AM

8hr round trip? You go by tractor? 


If you'd done 2mins of research prior to posting you'd have seen that sections have been blocked off.

We have initially been given 6 of the 10 sections and have sold out 4 with single figure left in one and 100 left in the other.

Stand holds 4k so....



If he'd been at the last replay down there (probably too busy writing out stanzas on Abdn Mad) he'd know we took a very good support and that 2k isn't unrealistic at all.

In Topic: Latest Purchase Thread

Yesterday, 10:14 AM

Vertical radiator and sink for my utility room

Fucking rock and roll nowadays

Considering a perfect draft machine once I get some feedback in the alchy thread



They're decent

In Topic: The Mckenna Dilemma

16 February 2020 - 08:18 PM

If we've got the defensive cover, he needs dropped.

Soon as Leigh is back bin the rat bastard and play Considine in the middle with Taylor or Devlin