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In Topic: Squad numbers for 2019/20

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

Ferguson was a development fee, was signed on a pre contract, so that's a technicality.

McLean was good. Probably his best signing in terms of price and how effective he was.

Forrester May and Wilson's wages cost a real thwack of money and we didn't really see the product for it.

Not a technicality in the slightest. We knew we'd be paying a six figure sum for him.

In Topic: Squad numbers for 2019/20

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

But again it's not the fans job to scout players. None of us are ex pros or have any coaching badges, and everyone accepts our opinions shouldn't be held to the same standard as people with years of experience in the game.

Fact is, both Forrester and May are big money signings for Aberdeen and both have went horribly wrong. Managers live and die by their signings but I'd say neither player has or did improve us. Main is a no risk as he's a free and won't command a big wage. At worst he'll hardly play and at best he'll be a handful.

DMc obv has made some good signings but when trusted with money to spend its been pretty brutal.

Aye, McLean and Ferguson were brutal signings.

In Topic: Next Seasons Kit..

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

Gold kit didn't look that bad when I was watching my loons football training on Saturday morning. Quite a few of them had it.

In Topic: Pre Season

Yesterday, 01:34 PM

Bryson flying to Dublin with the lads.

In Topic: Jon Gallagher signs on loan

Yesterday, 08:01 AM

Atlanta seem to think we're developing their boy for them.

I thought it was a try before you buy for us.

Scottish football has fallen further than I realised

They are the MLS champions and apparently the right back they have is brilliant.


Some of the MLS is poor but there is also some brilliant players there.