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In Topic: Do You Have Kids/ Would You Recommend Having Kids?

Today, 07:03 AM

Bit of a contradictory post. 'Do it when you want',but if you do it a different way/time to me it's wrong.


Just do what the fuck what you want and who cares what others think.  Look at Bluto, happy as a pig in shit with his cafĂ© trawling boozing. Be  @Bluto10


Re-reading it, didn't come out right.

In Topic: Scottish Cup 2018/19

Today, 06:56 AM

Not supporting either team to win but supporting Hearts to lose.

In Topic: Free Tommy

Today, 01:40 AM

Yaxley has the debating skills and intellectual level of a mildly retarded sea sponge. 


Bit harsh on the sea sponge, Kelt.

In Topic: Do You Have Kids/ Would You Recommend Having Kids?

Today, 01:06 AM

Got 3. Only have kids if you want them and don't resent the sacrifices you have to make to provide for them. Being able to provide for them properly is a must in my book. At times you might think what if, but then they achieve something, however small, you quickly forget it.


Do I regret having kids? No. I had them at an age which suited me and had done a whole heap of partying and travelling without a care in the world. It's funny, a lot of kids I went to school with, their kids are 'off their hands' (they will never be off your hands, btw) while I have only just had my daughter leave the house to go to uni. A mate who's in this position often tries to wind me up because now he's free and he can do whatever he wants. So what? He's too fucking old and with less energy to go mental. I did all that shit when I was young when he was changing shitty nappies and doing all the other stuff. I think I would have resented that. I wasted my youth because as far as I'm concerned that's what it's there for.


End of the day, how you feel about having kids has got fuck all to do with anyone else.

In Topic: Next Scotland Manager/failure

Yesterday, 09:41 AM

Hong Kong Phooey