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In Topic: Hamilton 0 - 3 Aberdeen

Today, 01:45 AM

Fuck me, you've never heard telegram Sam? Belter of a song.


I've heard of it. Good tune. 


Excellent win and good recovery after the weekend. Killie win was handy, too.

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 09:49 AM

Add in those who don't go to the empty pump at the front and block anyone else from doing so.

In general, too many selfish cunts in the world these days unfortunately.



In Topic: What You Doing Today?

Yesterday, 09:42 AM

A few tough days ahead. Don't have a pool :rolleyes: What to do?



In Topic: Home Refurbishments/repairs

Yesterday, 06:17 AM

MT levels of boasting...


But not quite, Bri from WA standard

In Topic: Pet Hates

Yesterday, 05:58 AM

Arseholes at petrol stations. Fill up, pay, fuck off. Don't fuck around washing your windows, or spend ages in the shop, or even returning to your car and checking your phone.


NO. Just fuck off and leave or at least park. Other cunts want to use the pumps. Inconsiderate pricks.