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Anti-Afc Chat

02 October 2013 - 12:07 PM

This is the last time that I will ever look at this site. The negativity on here is mind boggling. "Fans" looking for the slightest excuse to have a moan at players, manager, systems, manager's history (ie that he has a The Rangers connection, wow). This a list of the players who are apparently not good enough and who have taken a slagging this season:


Langfield (constant, although his record is the best in the league this season)



Considine (?)





Wylde (again mainly because of The Rangers connection, childish)

Clark (and he hasn't even played)


Jack (who is probably our best player so far this season)


McGinn (this is the most laughable of the lot)


Of course there are times when criticising players is merited, but the stuff on here is ludicrous. People have an agenda against players and managers and will never let up no matter how the play. Let's hope that none of the players ever read the rubbish posted on this site.


I hope that you enjoy continuing to slag off the team that we all, supposedly, love.


Oh, and Tup (are you male,female or child?),  AFC first, last, everything.