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Today, 12:57 PM

No but if you're slaughtering the performance of our health service, it's clearly a good parallel to look at the NHS performance in other parts of the UK. Performance which is much poorer.

There's little doubt that improvement is needed in a number of areas, however if you're completely neglecting to factor in 9 years of ideological austerity, then you're not looking at the situation objectively.

I'm fully aware of spending etc. The simple fact is, the aforementioned public areas are performing poorly. The snp has cut funding to the police year after year, all whilst telling them that they have to keep up minimum numbers. When they go below the minimum numbers, the snp fine them! Makes sense.

Ps you may want to double check the nhs budget figures over the last few years

In Topic: JAN 2020 transfer window

Today, 12:19 PM

You have seen the state of the NHS and prisons in the other parts of the UK right?

Yes. That doesn't mean that how they're doing in Scotland is acceptable. That doesn't change that they're still a mess here though, does it?

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Today, 09:29 AM

what did he do?

Nothing. The Edinburgh police have been contacted by the rangers and told to arrest him in trumped up charges! They duly obliged! 👀

This isn't len's best yet

In Topic: Sevco Thread

Today, 09:09 AM

On the Eve of their game with the huns Motherwell manager arrested and charged by police in Edinburgh ..coincidence ….I think not.


(It was Friday he was arrested).

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Today, 12:20 AM

Not really though. Considering they've faced 9 years of reductions to the Scottish budget.

Yes really though. National Police force shambles, nhs failings, new hospital shambles, poor education results, poor rail network, ambulance service struggling with demand...will I go on?

All under the SNP. Whilst increasing taxes

Everything good in Scotland is always down to the snp. Bad is always Westminster's doing.

If we ever get independence, they'll hopefully not get voted in. They're a shambles