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In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Today, 01:29 PM

Janteloven my good man.


Never heard of it.  Very interesting.  Set your bar low and you will generally be happy with what you get.  Makes sense.


Only thing to note with regard to the happiness rankings Parklife referred to is that Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland make up the top 4 places for happiness among foreign born population.  Taking Norway as an example, the majority of those people come from outside of Scandinavia.  Would you be suggesting they adopt this principle as soon as they set foot on the soil?

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Today, 01:12 PM

So what you are saying that in Norway, happiness is such normality, they have never felt it needed a word to define it?!  :laughing:

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Today, 11:08 AM

There is definitely a subjectivity in them in that happiness isn't easily quantifiable and people/authorities will have varying opinions on what that constitutes.  Across all such reports though it seems that Scandinavia and Western Europe (as far as Austria/Czech Republic) routinely appear at the top end of these reports.  


The UK never does too badly in them either, so we aren't in a bad position.  I think if pro-independence supporters look to use this kind of information as a support for independence, it has to be from the stance that we can point to similar sized countries in Europe who don't seem to struggle in this regard.  It shouldn't be used as a suggestion that Scotland as an independent country can push these countries for a place atop the happiness tables.  Pointless and pure conjecture in something which really doesn't mean much to the average person.  

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Today, 10:55 AM

Liking Red Sky by Moon Hooch just now.  Or either of their other two albums.  


Wikipedia says:


Moon Hooch is an American band from BrooklynNew York, known for their dance-oriented percussion- and saxophone-based music.

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Today, 10:00 AM

It's more that darkie takes one report and then rubbishes any opinion of someone who has actually lived there.


Norway consistently comes out at the top end of lifestyle reports.  You are saying that you lived there, and that all things aren't great, suggesting the report may be incorrect, but at the same time, surely can't correlate that to living anywhere else at the same time.