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  2. Hud on... is it possible that you two very thick cunts were just doing that piley-on thing? You know, coming to the aid of a fellow piece of shit and ignoring the right or wrong? Would this be you being sickboy and personal again? Are you hurting because you made a cunt of it and think that shooting the messenger will repair the damage? @dazzy_deff @Dons79
  3. I didn't do denial. I don't believe everything I'm told anyway and on a subject that I have no direct experience of, nor was I there, I am unqualified to know. I am aware that some people have disputed the official versions and I am also very aware that I would be locked up if I said it didn't happen, which is why I chose my words very carefully.
  4. Agree with the first paragraph, but totally disagree with the suggestion of Holocaust denial. It's not Jews people are angry at (or it shouldn't be) it's the Israeli, American and British government, and the fuds at the EU.
  5. "HAMAS strike rockets and kill 3 Israeli women." Failed to mention in the week prior, Palestinians were being forcibly removed from their homes in the West Bank. It's not the same, but has parallels to how Ireland was/is reported on. "The IRA have blown up a church" Why? There is a video of the guy saying these things, but we don't contextualise the violence with direct quotes from the settlers. Again, mon the Palestine.
  6. Probably because it's the biggest affront to humanity how genocide has been allowed to go on for over half a century. Should they be allowed to steal Palestinian land and kill them just because they (supposedly *) suffered genocide themselves in WW2? * David Irving said it didn't happen or was grossly exaggerated. I wasn't there so can't comment. I did live next to Belsen for six years but I don't know if the slaughtered were jews or just general vagabonds, again by reason of age.
  7. Why do people care about human rights, and the involvement of their own governments in the farce?
  8. There were no goalposts shifted. It's not embarrassing to present an argument, one that happens to be irrefutable on this occasion. It's highly embarrassing for you of course. You need to show NE integrity and admit defeat. Only indecent pieces of shit and wrong uns would not.
  9. Do you see your error too?
  10. You had a lot to say for yourself. Will you apologise now, or are you too fucking stupid to understand the argument?
  11. cheesepipes

    In The News

    Why do people give a fuck about Israel and surrounding areas.
  12. Where is your money? You and some fellow mutants were adamant that I was trying to get out of our bet. You said you would not renege on the bet. ETH tripped £3,000 overnight. It's performing at 218.5% of the price I invested at, since 31st March. You were telling everybody to avoid it. Given that it's earned WAY more than the vast majority of the others in the same timeframe, you were wrong to say what you did.
  13. manboobs109

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    Yeah, everything they mention what happened yesterday they should be forced into doing a recap of the last 100 years as well.
  14. manboobs109

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    At one point my brother was chewing nicotine gum, vaping and smoking about 20 a day. Started the gum to quit the fags, started vaping to quit the chewing gum then started back smoking to quit the vape and the chewing gum. Cost the poor cunt a fortune.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-57081848 Mon the Arabs. Farce the way main stream media reports on Israel. They deliberately miss out the context of the last 100 years, and always paint Palestine as the aggressors. Mon the Palestine ana.
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  17. The one with the chip on it?
  18. Congratulations Sporting... the street has been full of cars honking tonight here (well inside Portimonense territory). They were seriously shitting themselves about being knocked out by us, and failing in the league. Strolled in the end. Still think you are a bunch of cnuts though. Portugals huns.
  19. Are we going to be linked with any quality players?
  20. Are we yet to be linked with any exciting young players since Glass' arrival? Seems to be quite alot of "experience" in the squad already when you look at the remaining contracted players and those confirmed to be joining in the summer.
  21. Moe Tucker.......on now.. Oot the park
  22. Yesterday
  23. It's in the ....it's in the Belting... @Sooper-hanz
  24. That wisnae me. This was mine... criminally underrated. When Aluko fucked off to play for Nigeria without bothering to ask McGhee's permission.
  25. @RedArmyFakshun...sry BM... I'm sure that's him feeding the 5000 Sayornara or whatever.. stick in champ Catch ye back
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