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  2. With you here SH. Amsterdam is good for a weekend but 2 fuckin weeks?
  3. Don’t have a name yet but Goodwin is confident he will have at least one target sealed and ready to announce by Thursday noon. Will update if I get a names.
  4. I remember some pretty bad times under Alex Miller, Mark McGhee and Steve Paterson and we probably had worse teams under those 3. BUT, I've never been so consistently bored watching Aberdeen in my life.
  5. I went up the TV tower when I was last there. Went to the restaurant for food but you can just go to the observation bit. The decor’s a bit dated in the restaurant but you get a cracking view of Berlin as it rotates 360 degrees. Did an underground bunker tour as well. Got to see a converted air raid shelter in one of the subway stations which was pretty interesting. Berliner Unterwelten it was called.
  6. https://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,chiedoze-ogbene-on-his-future-what-next-for-freddie-ladapo-paul-warnes-word_41480.htm Confirms in this article that Ogbene will stay with Rotherham for next season at the very least unless he is sold.
  7. No, he has another year really as Rotherham have an option clause to extend by another year. I believe they have been discussing a new long term contract with him but if he doesn't sign that they will obviously at the very least trigger the extension so that he cant leave for free and will get a big fee. There have been rumours that Forest are looking at him as a possible replacement for Djed Spence when his loan runs out.
  8. plenty to see and do here soop min wouldn’t call the country grim (least not the bits I know anyway)
  9. plenty to see and do here soop min
  10. Looks like he play around half a dozen times. He’d be daft to sign for mcinnes again
  11. Loved the film, brave fellas
  12. There'd be no fee, he's out of contract. (According to transfermarkt.com)
  13. I meant realistically. Holland is a grim place.
  14. I'd be very very surprised if we were in for Ogbene. Its probably his first season of being a regular for Rotherham and he has also broken into the Republic team where he has made a few headlines in his first few appearances. With his best season under his belt and showing a lot of potential and the club just getting promoted it would take a record fee from us to sign him and we would be talking seriously big wages. I just cant see us doing such a huge outlay as that for Ogbene after 1 good season playing right wing back in league 1. I might be proven wrong but i really don't think there is anything in this rumour.
  15. Unfortunately not, played centre mid at the start but didn’t do well, got dropped and started playing lb for them, improved, definitely enough to get a deal
  16. Did initially but appeared to be a sub latterly.
  17. Given the amount of players we have leaving I'd say next season is likely as good a chance as he'll ever get to stake a claim for a first team position. Has he played regularly at Killie?
  18. They had power? 37 year old Burke?, that other centre mid that was 100, cannot mind his name, Taylor can’t be young, pish that they wouldn’t go in fear of a plastic pitch, campbell was asked the other day before he went in to training if he was going to end up at killie and he said “you never know” , not exactly wanted at Aberdeen and cannot see him breaking back into the first team squad
  19. Considine's knee couldn't even last 90 mins on our pitch. He'll never cope on a plastic one. Wouldn't be surprised to see him retire despite saying he want's to keep playing. No doubt some of our pish will end up at Killie next season.
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  21. And who's classically been the 2 managers most on here moan about the most... McInnes and Calderwood Only 1 Ebbe Skovdahl season have we even managed the top 6 out with those 2. Worrying for the future
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    The place eh am working at just now is having an idahobit thing tomorrow. Eh turned down the invite and have been asked to explain why. Apparently another meeting at the same time isn’t an excuse. It’ll do for now. its strange how those that preach diversity and inclusivity don’t tolerate people with different opinions to them.
  23. I thought McGeouch might end up there too until I was reminded about their plastic pitch. Probably can rule him out on those grounds. The shout about Dom Ball signing for them could well be a good one though. Campbell didn't exactly shine in his loan period there, doubt that will happen. And Considine's knee probably rules him out on similar grounds to McGeouch
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