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  2. Aye im sure we've signed him as our 7th cdm
  3. Is he actually that good? Would think us would be the highest level he would get to personally.
  4. OUT- Taylor, Logan, Hoban, Anderson, Ross. LOANS- Kamberi, Hornby, Hendry, Leigh. IN- Brown, Gallagher, JET, Gurr. LOANS- New; Jenks. Returned; Ojo. EXPECTED- Ramirez. 3 short still imo but squad potentially stronger already.
  5. Not sure where jerks plays in midfield but I think it’s glaringly obvious that we need some sort of creative attacking midfielder
  6. nutshell champ .as for that album Ask Poodler of the quality .....
  7. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/food-and-drink/exclusive-aberdeen-club-promoters-launch-the-bike-yard-a-new-street-food-park-at-former-mcgowan-motorcycles-venue/ New outdoor food thing at Hutcheon Street.
  8. Fridge

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    Would imagine if he could barely stand and pushed himself the extra 60secs might have been a bit much for him.
  9. Their world class striker has been their worst player
  10. That Sugar album has really grabbed you recently Misers. The Human Race could really do with taking a few tips. A can of Lager A reefer A CD of choice Sporting Event on TV What a wonderful way to enjoy the day. Not wanking over Crypto currency or worrying about shit in other continental shelves. Keep it simple, keep it local, keep it real. Keep it Misers Hill.
  11. England had a total of 5 shots on target over their 3 games and still qualified. We scored 1 with our 11 on target. Need to unearth a decent striker to compete at this level.
  12. I think Robertson played best when tierney wasn’t there as tierney bombs forward from centre defence into the space Robertson wants to go so Roberson sits deeper to cover him. Against England tierney didn’t go forward as much so Robertson had another good game. McGinn was poor but Iv never thought much of him on the radio yesterday they were saying he runs about a lot gets stuck in but that should be the minimum for a footballer last night and against the Czechs he was ineffective and they passed the ball round him as tho he wasn’t there and the two chances he missed were terrible. For someone who’s quoted as a £50 million pound player he should be controlling games and standing out
  13. After losing out on Clark Robertson we’re going to need to duct tape another extension onto the shaft of our barrel scraper. Next signing will most likely be either duct tape or possibly push the boat out for an actual telescopic shaft for said scraper
  14. cheesepipes

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    Its very overpriced/limited stock in that shop. Id suggest taking 60 more seconds and heading to Lidl.
  15. Think you spelt that wrong it’s spelt muppet not puppet
  16. Fridge

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    https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/drink-driver-wet-himself-in-booze-aisle-of-local-shop/ Anyone want to own up? @daytripping
  17. So far we've seen Brown, Gallagher and Thomas come in. All signings which you can see the logic behind for different reasons. Not sure I'd describe them as exciting but maybe I'm hard to please. Signing players like Jenks and Gurr at this stage is a wee bit of a worry though, these are the type of guys that you'd expect to see come in right at the end of a window to plug gaps, not in June.
  18. I thought Robertson did alright, but wasn't convinced by the quality of deliveries he was putting in, especially from set pieces. Again, it may be the quality of the guy in the box being the main problem there though. It is a hard position to make an impact from, regardless of quality, but my feel watching the three games was the two players I expected to appear a class above did not end up doing so.
  19. Fuck you ...#live fat fucking stoat..awa tae yer sty...❤...try clicking on em....timestamped ...clockgate....nein danke
  20. Playing 2 up front with a combined quality effect of maybe a 1 up front at best allowing them & Modric especially basically freedom of midfield to run the game was the biggest fk up from Clarke.
  21. I wonder if he was talking about Scott Brown with that "Exciting Signing". I really hope not.
  22. Copy pasting pics. You’re a fraud misers.
  23. On it full on wipe out... Hood rocking to Bob Mouldupload image free
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