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  2. I'm pro-abortion. However, Consi's Caledonia, without the memes. Moobs gets my vote.
  3. Poodler

    Pet Hates

    It’s on a thread here, @Grays Babylon 1875 posted it - an interview from last year where he uses an N word that he claims means ‘guy‘ in Portuguese but the ‘scroll back years through Twitter to find something offensive’ crew think they’re on to a winner
  4. Seems I was a tad optimistic, papped out in Rd2.
  5. Tickets on sale to 200+ points now, should be gone within the hour.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. Now i can vote.
  7. Big Manny's on speed dial. He's quite partial to pizza as well...
  8. I didn't see what Piquet said. Did he criticise Hamiltons black bits or white bits?
  9. Poodler

    Pet Hates

    The sycophantic F1 lot clamouring to speak up for Lewis Hamilton. I stand with Lewis. Etc. aye very good, look at you.
  10. No idea but given you posted about an hour ago afternoons are your quiet time I'm assuming morning.
  11. I was thinking of one at Firhill so maybe that was a while back
  12. You ken fit time I start work like?
  13. Suspect she will retire early or have a break for mental health reasons. Will certainly bet on that
  14. I was actually meaning I see the thread for what it is(pissing contest) I got upgraded once coz my seat was fucked. Great stuff.
  15. Manboobs wasn’t the one ranting on here until the early hours this morning when he had work in a few hours
  16. C'mon eh, you must hear that at least 5 times a day.
  17. Some lovely diddies in the crowd of the Raducanu match. The commentators doing their best to big up Raducanu at every opportunity, but as things stand her opponent is far superior to her.
  18. Sooper-hanz

    In the News

    There are probably worse situations to be in though .
  19. Like you've been losing it lately?
  20. Why does it bother you so much that I think it is wrong? I'm not in a position of power, I'm not judging the women themselves, people have to do what they need to survive, I'm just a random guy who has seen something that's convinced me it's wrong. You're not going to change my mind so deal with it and shut the fuck up.
  21. Why did I need to ask .......voted for Consi cause he's right.
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