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  2. Mum from Cyprus olive skinned ya know
  3. How many of those caps were 5-10 mins at the end of a game Strachan had been persevering with Steven Fletcher or Chris Martin for, or he’d been played up front on his own? Most of them I’d imagine. 2 up top would suit him. You’d need to get interested again though which would be the big question mark.
  4. Sooper-hanz

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    Dayts has went off the rails since nursey binned him .
  5. Spends most of the game crashing into folk and falling on his arse. First touch lets him down too often.
  6. What are you on about min? Anderson was at the club last season. He isn't this season. So he's in the out list.
  7. Including the likes of Ross going out means we should factor in McKenzie and Ramsay as additions or the season. same with Anderson. Cant effectively double count him along with Hendry who covered his loan out. I think we will be going with a smaller squad this year so I’m not anticipating much more arrivals to be honest.Ramirez, a CH and maybe just one more to come in
  8. he had a really good purple patch scoring for Scotland and I've seen him in games for villa where he's been MOM but yeah when he's not on it he a bit meh
  9. Ramirez is on route surely...the striker links have disappeared besides his name. I keep seeing Hendry talked about here, kinda get the same feeling, he'll be brought in latterly. I think Ferguson is off, and so the money could then be reinvested bringing in players that are needed still. Left centre back for one. I think till there's movement there, we could be chasing these deals that basically sound guff. i.e Gurr. Feels like there's no money to go for the like of McGrath until his own deal is done next year, and so as previously mentioned there may be a plan here with Jenks and Gurr(If Hernandez makes his way back or there's someone else on the radar) etc...fill some squad places even though I think most feel we're crying out for folk to go into the starting 11. I love Considine, I think he's old school and thats not the only reason I say this, that loyalty and love for his team, I feel should be applauded in todays game. I'm not suggesting he should be starting every game, but he's more than capable and too easy to knock at. He's at the end...no danger, but he can do a shift(Please, for fuck sake, not at left back). There's time yet, but its not lost on me either how many of these signings were supposed to be "Exciting" and I think we've had those in Cormack's terms...Brown and Gallagher and Ramirez if that does go through. I think there's a plan though and as someone previously mentioned the signings can be looked at with that plan in mind...as long as it comes off! Here's bloody hoping!
  10. Are you non Scottish Poods? Genuine question. Saw someone mention similar on the Scotland v Croatia thread and I realised you do use some "unusual" language/terms (I commented on that yesterday myself). If you're English it would explain your use of language, you being a nurse, the attention seeking, the made up stories and you being a bit of a bender. Only joking me old mucker!
  11. Same applies to Edinburgh and Dundee then, what's your point?
  12. I class this as the biggest pants down, bend over event in Aberdeens history. Unless it gets trashed by rowdies.
  13. You say that like it's a bad thing.
  14. "Keep it misers hill "tm ..fraud
  15. It just shouldn’t be bloody allowed alright
  16. George Street is already a food centre. Anything you want.
  17. Fuck all to do with no/less huns in Edinburgh, Dundee or Perth (vermin are everywhere), the locations are within an hours drive of 99% of the population.
  18. No surprise you fucking hun arsehole..
  19. Bluto10

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    fallen off my bike a few times; hate to think the damage that could be done with a car
  20. Aye. Fucking shameful these cunts are coming up here and there is sufficient interest from locals to get a fucking photo with the trophy with Hun ribbons on it. Embarrassing stuff all round.
  21. Today
  22. My take on last night. Stuart Armstrong had a nightmare 1st 30 mins and should have been subbed.He continuously gave away possession. Robertson and Tierney played way below their level..I think the 2 of them combined managed to get forward twice and get in a decent cross. Croatia took advantage of O'Donnell's lack of pace and had a free run on that side. Nisbet should have replaced Dykes with 30 mins to go. Ideal time to score the equaliser and fully expected us to come out the 2nd half and have a go.Did'nt happen. We were'nt unlucky and didn't deserve to go through.
  23. Edinburgh as well. Must have a particularly large following in Aberdeen.
  24. Oh well we definitely need an attacking creative midfielder then
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