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  1. McCrorie’s a fuckin liability in defence. Can’t see the opposition co-operating with your plan by playing solely through whoever Gallager’s up against
  2. I saw Taylor play well in loads of games for us.....and not so well in some. And by that I mean that he did the basics I’d look for in a solid central defender. So far , albeit in only a very small number of games I can’t say I’ve seen Gallagher play well , but he’s looked quite poor at times. Too soon to write him off as a complete dud yet, especially as he’s not had the benefit of a regular ,solid , reliable partner in defence.
  3. And if he’d done that he’d have been called sleekit and a coward and accused of shiting the bed, and having his ego wounded for avoiding coming to Pittodrie
  4. Really ?..... I haven’t seen anything to suggest that we’re much , if any, better than the sides likely to be in the relegation battle. We didn’t exactly play Ross County or Livvy off the park. Motherwell and St Johnstone are mid-table teams and will be safe because they rack up a decent number of clean sheets. Even a game like yesterday , which should have been a goal-less draw, we contrive to lose a cheap, soft goal. Which is now the norm. I reckon we can already forget about challenging Hibs and Hearts to be best of the rest and qualifying for Europe. Right now I’d bite your hand off to stay out of the threat of relegation. And I don’t think it’s as simple as replacing Glass , although it’s already just a matter of time before he’s binned. The playing squad we’ve got now is nowhere near good enough.
  5. A snapshot of the ericblack4boss wankbank. Is it Cormack or Doncaster that’s got the buttery in mouth ?
  6. Just because the consensus among the fanbase was that Shinnie was signed to replace Considine , that doesn’t mean that’s what McInnes was thinking. I can’t recall anything McInnes said (or did in his team selection) to back up the view that he wasn’t happy with Considine at left back.
  7. Logan wasn’t exactly flawless in that semi , but overall he was good and first impressions were that he was going to be an improvement on what we had before. Can’t agree that Anderson somehow managed Logan through that game. He had enough on his plate doing his own job. And it’s a bit of a stretch to say that a goal after about 2 minutes is against the run of play.
  8. Shankland went on to become a Scotland international......no mean feat in the face of competition from the likes of Ollie McBurnie and Ollie Burke
  9. Yup. And at that point he’ll be accused on here and other social media of “believing his own hype” without a shred of evidence to back it up. Whereas the reality will be that he’s failed to live up to the over-hyping by some fans.
  10. I reckon that was more an example of him allowing an opponent to waltz round him. Almost 3 years ago ,though. I’d have thought you’d be able to come up with more recent examples seeing as he makes these mistakes over and over again. That said , that is very recent compared to Woody21’s examples from 2008
  11. In our case , it’s a midfielder , Ferguson.
  12. Hard to either agree or disagree without having specific examples to consider. I’d imagine though that just about every decent defender has been guilty of these mistakes from time to time. I don’t think Considine has to the extent that you think he has.
  13. Wouldn’t disagree on that point. I think he takes the unnecessary risk of doing that in our penalty box too often , but I don’t think he does it over and over again like DD1903 said
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