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  1. And the cunt before him.....Richard Foster taking his new image to the next level
  2. redone


    That would work if the thread title was “Who the fuck is......?”
  3. I’ve never really understood the rationale behind any ex-pats being entitled to vote. And that applies to UK elections as well as Indie and Brexit referendums. I don’t see why people who aren’t ordinarily resident in the country and aren’t going to be affected by the outcome are entitled to vote. The basic principle as far as I’m concerned is that an individual should only be eligible to vote if they’re liable to pay Income Tax in the country affected by the vote.
  4. redone


    Only if you were wearing a bra and panties.
  5. redone


    As would Jessica
  6. Loved his Adventures of Tin - Tin
  7. Exactly. It’s quite clear that Sturgeon believes that the benefits of an independent Scotland being part of the EU outweigh the negatives. Similarly there are many Scots who voted No in the referendum who believe that the benefits of remaining as part of the UK outweigh the negatives of independence. Seems to me that it’s only fairly dim folk who equate voting No with the voters thinking that Scotland is incapable of governing itself. I certainly don’t recall any serious politician or political commentator stating anything like that.
  8. Sair een min. I was in the Dons end but I think the only way that day could’ve turned out worse would’ve been being in among the huns.
  9. That was more the problem with Van de Ven....he had loads of time and a few options to finish, but never fully committed to anything and just poked it tamely straight at the keeper.
  10. Wasn’t a near post header. My recollection is he was at the back post.
  11. It was. But I reckon the free header Gilhaus had in the first half was just as bad a miss as Van de Ven’s effort. Can’t remember offhand which came first.
  12. Far too simplistic to compare managers based on trophies won. The Tims have won more trophies under Lennon than Dundee United did under McLean. Does anyone think Lennon’s a better manager than McLean ? .
  13. Wonder if he came back the next day claiming , repeatedly , that not only had he won the fight convincingly , he’d shown his opponent to be a lying, lickle (sic) , moonlanding believer, faggot who was clearly not a genuine , North-East man of integrity ?
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