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    Only the clairvoyant ones
  2. Can’t trust anybody these days.
  3. What were the actual quotes ? Was it something fairly bland and non-committal along the lines of “Ideally, we’d like to have our business done as early as possible in the window and preferably before end of the winter break” ? Or was it something mor3 definite , like “We will have done our transfer business before the end of the winter break?”
  4. Always makes me laugh when folk make a virtue of a club standing by a player who’s suffered long-term injury problems. As if the club have the option to just tell the player to fuck off. I’d imagine the club are contractually obliged to ensure that the player gets appropriate medical treatment. And it may well be the case that there’s some sort of insurance cover for the club to claim on (although I am NOT in the know !) And , of course , it’s generally in the club’s interest to get the player back to fitness. Not only to get him back in the team but also to preserve the chance of getting some sort of transfer fee for him. I would add though that the situation with Devlin seems to be an unusual case of a club standing by the player when we don’t have to. Very strange.
  5. Aye , fair enough ...point taken. I’ll downgrade the standard to , say, regular starter for an EPL club. Is that more in line with your opinion of Hedges ?... lower than that ?....bit part player? ..... even that would be over-stating his ability in my view. And you’re implying that Hedges is part of the Wales squad, I could be wrong , but I think he’s hardly been in the squad during his time with us. He certainly wasn’t in the squad for the Euro finals.
  6. redone

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    Speaking about car stickers..... https://youtu.be/YV0ETHGyvcI
  7. Don’t forget any opportunity to mention “the Prawcess”
  8. redone

    Pet Hates

    Do you get an Order of Treatment sticker ? in event of accident please treat occupants in following order :- 1. Driver 2. Tasty bird (adult) 3. Normal kid 4. Vegetable kid 5. Any Hun 6. Red John
  9. Seems like there’s only one tune allowed these days ......so..... He’s not Belgian Belgians’s a bit like McLennan Something something Lennon Dante Polvara
  10. Good een , min !!! Hedges , is a decent player at our level “when on form” , as you put it. But in case you haven’t noticed , very few , if any, players that are , at best , decent at our level , get anywhere near the EPL. Kenny McLean , for instance , was outstanding for us (and an infinitely better player than Hedges) but I think the most that can be said of him is that he doesn’t look out of place in a team that yo-yo between the bottom of the EPL and the Championship. Cant think of any current players other than Robertson , Tierney and John McGinn that have made the transition from the Scottish Premiership to the EPL and are regarded as being among the top players for their English club.
  11. Here’s a challenge for any hun ..... find a penalty awarded against them in a domestic match at Ibrox this millennium as soft as that one.
  12. The whole tone of this story and the recent one about the fish place seems to be you trying to make out your bosses as being completely unreasonable, whilst glossing over your own unreasonable behaviour.
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