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  1. Did you just think that up all by yourself? Well done loon !!
  2. Don't need to buy into any narrative..... I've seen it first hand often enough for myself.
  3. To avoid the picture which would no doubt have been painted by those desperate to exaggerate any negativity, namely that it was terrible man-management to publicly humiliate Lewis by stripping him of the captaincy.
  4. Correct. Immediate priority is to improve the team. And we're still in desperate need of attacking , creative players (including players with a genuine goal threat) who , generally , cost more than defenders. So maybe we're holding back on spending big bucks on defenders in the hope that we'll be able to pay for the attackers we need.
  5. Maybe Ten Caat's got a contact at the Registers of Scotland who tips him off whenever any fitba contract is submitted for registration or even just sends him a copy.
  6. I'm dubious about that too, to be honest.
  7. Aye, I'm dubious about that too. I can see there might be something in the contract about some sort of bonus or increase in basic pay if he's appointed captain.
  8. And we should have a better idea as to whether he's worth shelling out a substantial fee for and. And the player himself'll have a better idea about whether HE wants to make the move permanent
  9. Agreed....I think that played a part in the ref not giving us a pen and sending off the Livvy keeper after he'd banjoed Besuijen
  10. What about those of us that just want watch the fitba ?
  11. First bodies to be found when the digging starts...... Mikey Devlin. Tommie Hoban. Jamie Smith. Paul Bernard
  12. Barron did fine for us , but didn't come close to showing up Ferguson. And Brown hardly came close to showing up Bates and Gallagher , let alone Ferguson.
  13. I think he'd have a better chance of salvaging something from his career with a full-time club rather than part-timers. The less free time he has on his hands the better for him.
  14. If we got him on one of those almost mythical pay-as-you-play deals , might be worth a punt. And he'd go some way to making the squad less unbalanced. At the moment the huns are outnumbering the tims.
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