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  1. The “old Glasgow long blink” was an outstanding phrase coined I think by Nielson. It must be used at every opportunity by opposition managers, players and officials whenever a referee metes out yet another injustice in favour of the ugly sisters. Probably won’t make a blind bit of difference. “Provincial” clubs, know your place.
  2. Would have to change rowies to butteries if they moved the stadium out to the back of beyond.
  3. Agreed. at least there’s going to hopefully be a fair bit of spare land out there, so they can rectify that in time.
  4. Positives for me:- Financial stewardship of the club. on that side of things, the club does feel in safe hands; Training ground, getting it finalised; community engagement, especially during covid, I thought was/is excellent; the work the call centre have done is exceptional in my book. the financial support given to the manager; generally better atmosphere at Pittodrie, certainly in the earlier games off the back of the Red Shed; Moving on McInnes. I was / am a fan, but timing was sadly right, it had become eye bleeding to watch in the last couple of years. having some sort of strategy and vision in place, although sticking rigidly to it might be a downfall. Trying to keep the stadium in the city rather than Torphins or wherever it is. Calling out Uber crock jock Kenny McIntyre youngsters signing for the dandies overall trying, albeit you can only piss with the cock you’ve got, to improve fan experience. Negatives:- making a complete arse of the management prawcess and then trying to justify it. Absolute bollocks. No way could someone with a previous 25% win rate was the “outstanding candidate” surrounding himself with “emerging talent” or for want of a better phrase, “yes men” cormack park, naming it. Probably wouldn’t be a factor if all was well. I’ll reserve the right to remove this when they call the new stadium the Watson Oh The Bar Arena. Scanlon Yes! trying to be a smart arse with the government rules and 10k. Small minded. Playing to the gallery. harping on about the 1960s, 70s and 80s, his Uncle Dougie buying his first scarf and living in a slum. the moss on the main stand roof…accepting that touch it and the whole thing is likely to start leaking like a sieve. By fuck it’s sprouted in the last two years! Probably a 4/5 for me. Would have been a lot higher had he not made a complete arse of the prawcess and treated the fans like numpties. Could have been an 8 had he got that one right.
  5. Here’s the explanation. noted in Page 29 of the accounts. Again it’s a case of “these are them rules” I can’t be certain, but am fairly sure we’re in the minority of football clubs having such an insurance provision in place and having made a successful claim. 25. Subsequent Events Following the year end the Company came to an agreement with its insurers on a Business Interruption Insurance claim under a policy held to protect the Company from losses suffered as a result of a variety of different diseases including coronavirus (COVID19). The sum of £2.25 million was received on 30 July 2021, and while the Directors considered the receipt of this amount to be probable at 30 June 2021, it was not considered to be virtually certain, and therefore the income will be reflected in the Financial Statements for the year ending 30 June 2022.
  6. Sadly, Its not possible to assess that from the annual report.
  7. There is a bit of that too. The sheepshaggurz are in bother so they are byrraywaybigmanbut.... To be fair, I think the ranjurz accounts came under a fair bit of scrutiny from those in the press who might be generally seen as nirmally favourable to them.
  8. A lot of it is just down to how they have to lay out the financial statements owing to accounting rules and company law. Operating profit/loss is normally where most financial comments both in and out of football will be focused. It's as good as any measure of financial health in an established business. You raise a fair point that if we were to realise the ambition of selling nuggets of home grown talent from time to time, then the £2.2m loss line is to highlight as to ongoing health or viability. That's where a fitba club might be a bit different from the majority of other businesses.
  9. It is included. I didn’t explain it very well. that money sits below the £5m Operating loss on the Profit and Loss statement, refunding the £5.2m operating loss to a £2.2m loss before interest and tax.
  10. 5m loss reduced to 2.2m loss through player sales. and then approx 2m of new share money or equity which doesn’t go through the Profit and Loss. That, at a very high level is your 10m. between that and the insurance payout which will appear in next years results, it’s actually a decent position, and certainly stronger than June 2020 when there was a great deal of uncertainty still. looks like it’s been well managed, in my opinion.
  11. Bear in mind the £5m doesn’t include the gain on the sale of McKenna and Cosgrove. That reduces the £5m operating loss by around £3m.
  12. I think you’re right, with the words being used to that effect for the last two games, helped by the limit on away fans.
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