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  1. But York don’t had him as a stopgap till the player we wanted came available. Whatever your thoughts giving him no 4 made him a main player in many peoples eyes. I’m sure he needs both ego boost and bank balance increase. So that ain’t it. not a fan of this I have to say. We can only lose where Celtic can win or lose
  2. My opinion is this is lose lose for us and win win for celtic not quite there but could be …. Loan him Aberdeen Celtic pov Two outcomes. He is ok we take him back he is shite we let him go. aberdeenn outcome he is good. Few points but if a central defender is key to points there are bigger worries and no sign next year he is bad. We have to pay him all year and no way we want to take him on we can’t win from this - simple example Ryan Christie. Left a big hole in our team walked into Celtic when he would have been out the door if crap for us
  3. Why then give him no 4? If he is a stop gap give him 367 ???
  4. Haven’t seen any pics from training. Guess work but does not international clearance = work permit ability to be paid to train and appear in kit? Honestly asking don’t know but seems to be possible. If ramadani is pictured training I’m wrong - if not ??????
  5. Don’t most international transfers go thru on 1 July?
  6. Pretty sure the window is shut til the 10th and the international window is 1 jul. We can pre sign players true but given we can’t register till the 10th would imagine quite a few will holiday till then or wait till the 10th at least I would guess preseason will start on the 27th June at the earliest?? reckon a few more days of patience required
  7. MT it’s that or McLennan or if he goes Mackenzie I know you are occasional daft but do you think if he stays McLennan will wield priceless influence. your daftest comment ever and it has some competition (and yes I know I don’t always hit the back of the net)
  8. Think with 11 players probably coming in - and if we are keeping suggested trends a good majority u25. A player like considine in training every day would be priceless to help players understand Aberdeen who now is the most senior afc bred player? Looking at the full match day squad I would guess McLennan followed by Mackenzie c’mon how we encouraging the youngsters then have a career with AFC player development ,stability and knowing why Aberdeen has a statue of fergusson outside the ground That’s why I think this is a mistake 1/2 a squad who knows what Conidine and aberdeen means half a new squad who’s view of Aberdeen is either the airport or the rear view mirror
  9. before injured this season we played 7 lost 2 (1 of which he was an unused sub with a GD of +7 with him scoring the first goal of the season. Bit unfair comment really.
  10. Ive always thought we have had one major problem with defence Experience - at times we have played with a back four of Ramsey McCrorie Bates and Mackenzie combined average 22 ok so add in gallagher tp give them some experience he doesnt that but boy does he NOT know how to bring a ball out of defence. Im trying to figure out who brings the ball out of defence worst OJO or gallagher neither seemed capable today. Gallagher will play one of two balls square to bates or back to Lewis. He has no idea of how to move a ball into midfield of the 2 CB Bates and Gallagher al least bates tries to get out of defence he needs experience next to him In defence we need a leader and someone to play the ball out of the back. Bates can get out of the back put Bates along side a steady head I reckon he will be fine gallagher is 31 and needs an experienced player (and he is 31) and needs to learn how to play the ball out from the back By the way considine is the player we need 3 or 4 years younger (gallaghers age) but now it is probably right to rebuild the whole defence and probably around bates
  11. 5 match days 4games you don’t play every match day
  12. Whats wrong with that now? that and 2 DM is what I think we need right now but means playing Considine in a key role after binning him You know if he played him considine will be our goal threat as well
  13. Never really believed in the new manager bounce. It takes too long to build a new system. that said we have one of the best training facilities and since JG arrival 3 free weekends so 3 free weeks we should see a change by now. We have in the pre match warm up. That’s about it. We have a defender in the bench we can 3 centre backs of centre backs I know weird a back 3 sitting full backs 2 dm let’s be hard to beat in the next 4 Goodwin gets a good run now - two banana skins - relegation even a win in play off for relegation won’t be accepted. Nor will not being top of the group in league cup qualifying. Get through those he will be ok for next season - fail either the fans won’t be clapping him on the pitch pre and post match. It was damned close to boos this weekend.
  14. So much wrong no striker as a focal point our false 9 was playing too much as a midfielder ramsey on the bench? then the subs? Take off a central defender go three at the back then go down to 10 and loose a new central defender and bring on a midfielder leaving a midfielder in defence the real worry is it been a good time to take over and has had three free weekends so effectively 3 free weeks- a preseason if you like. The warm up has changed but I don’t get it yet. we need goals take of our top scorer and one of our better crossers hays always under hits bej always over hits arghhhhhh
  15. More the monitors for the ref to view. My probsble worry is the ref has to go view a monitor. Grounds in scotland tend to be close to the pitch- unless we have a zone around them most grounds the ref will have hoards pulling faces from a foot away shouting obscenities
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