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  1. Prefer to shave mine. Maks it look bigger.
  2. The second bit, he doesn't need to buy golf balls as I assume he stays next to the course and some golf balls (like your 2 x Srixons) end up straying into his garden. Aye?
  3. 1st half observations. Hayes is fucking worse than useless. McKenzie? Don't think he's up to it. Hopefully Goodwin has an LB on his list for next season. WTF was McRorie's goal chalked off for? Still fucked if I know. Penalty, well shite to get it then nae. Did look like Bates pushed Tanser tho. Nae very much of a push like. Just saw the McRorie "goal" repeated. Nobody knows. Big Bri Irvine thinks the gluepot ref could only have gave it for a foul on keeper. Mental.
  4. Should have been 4 or 5 up ahead of the second leg. Incredible amount of clear cut chances they made and squandered through incisive and rapid forward play, then lost a horrendously slack goal right at the death. Very entertaining game for a pub viewing with a table of Forest fans present.
  5. And an impending fascinating chat with Joe once he tours the tables. Could be riveting.
  6. Aye. They'll be wanting to kick themselves. Though they'd probably miss.
  7. Good point. Maybe his knee was ready to go, maybe it was just the specific circumstances of the incident or movement when it happened. Fuck knows.
  8. It was money I recall we would have more than recouped if we actually kept him that next season. Given: We shipped 20 more goals in the league the season he was gone Hemorrhaged 4 in that catastrophic LC semi final at Tynecastle v Dundee Utd Let another 4 past us in the Scottish Cup semi-final v Queen of the fucking South Failed to qualify for Europe The first factor is the most telling, but even if we had bettered any one of the other three, we'd have made more than the 3/4 million or whatever it was we actually received. So losing him for 1 season for that amount of dosh given the effect it had on our defence was very much a shite deal for us. As I said at the time, though you're not likely to recall my opinion on the matter from 15 odd years ago...
  9. Wouldnae go so far as saying I hate him, but he's been absolutely fucking useless at delivering a competent footballing side thus far. Getting noticeably worse in that respect every year since he took over. He's also a complete fucking gluepot, spot on with fantasist and egotist. It's definitely starting to look like he actually has no idea what he's doing.
  10. Well, there's nae chunce he's coming back. Wonder where the hunt for our next striker will take us.
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