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  1. Possibly picked up wrong while bleezing on return from pub. Soz min.
  2. I'm just delighted to be actually speaking of qualification conundrums & possibilities at this juncture.
  3. Not at all. Those above were just being hysterically despondent based on idiotic beliefs that England are some world beating side, when clearly, based on their performance on Sunday and underlined by their ineffectiveness tonight, they are nowhere near this. You thick guffy cunt.
  4. Yeah, fair shout. Good tonight. Atrocious on Monday. Not quite the same though. Remotely.
  5. Decent performance by Scotland tonight. To be honest, the English had no idea how to even play against us. Possibly, they bottled they occasion, not quite realising the historical importance of the game. Bit of stage fright. Either that or they are just shite, as per previous analysis.
  6. Can't see it. He looks more like the type who would be clean shaven down there.
  7. Oh aye, got E and F mixed up. Nae wonder I always walked into the wrang class at school.
  8. Nae, it they top the group, they'd play runner up in group F. Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Poland. If they are 2nd, they will play as you describe above. If they finish 3rd and get through, it will be Belgium or Holland for them. So Scotland v Slovakia or Sweden coming up in the last 16.
  9. I can go to this. Get a ticket in the pub or rob a home fan of een.
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