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  1. Good summary. Fuck all "bitter" about it. Bizarre, and fairly retarded take. Zero hopefully.
  2. Was in McInnes thread. Could nae blame you for avoiding that. This one, where you posted it, is probably as, if not more, relevant.
  3. I'm 5'11". Probably was then as well. What height are you? Keeping in mind you'll need to subtract 6 or 7 inches of that hair on your heed to arrive at your actual height.
  4. You just stated that you remembered all the previous ties and not just the final. You dumb fuck.
  5. Ace story. I think I have a book about Aberdeen murders somewhere. Don't think I've read the whole thing yet. Fuck knows far it is. Blood and Granite? Something like that. Edit, just found this: Butcher's knife attack killed two workmates. Link/Page Citation Byline: NEIL DRYSDALEFor two Aberdeen slaughterhouse workers, what should have been a relaxing conclusion to a gruelling shift of physical labour instead turned into a notorious double murder.There had been no indication of lethal violence when James Harrow, 33, William Tastard, 44, and John "Jeek" Rae, a youngster whose age was unknown, walked into the Saltoun Arms on Park Street late in the evening of January 9 1901.Yet, within the space of a few minutes, Harrow unveiled a knife which he had wrapped in a newspaper, lashed out at Tastard and inflicted fatal injuries, before critically wounding another butcher, David Ewing, 29, who died from his wounds weeks later.Harrow, whom witnesses subsequently recalled as acting like a man possessed, then took the knife to his other drinking partner, Rae. But the latter managed to throw his jacket over the weapon and fled.The next morning, the Aberdeen Journal extensively covered the grisly details of what had transpired at the pub, as the police, led by Chief Constable Thomas Wyness, accompanied by Dr James Moncur, rushed to a scene of carnage.The paper's headlines read "Terrible Tragedy in Aberdeen", "Butcher Stabbed to Death" and "Another Man Dangerously Wounded" were followed by news of the "speedy apprehension of the alleged murderer who escaped, but was caught within the hour".It continued with a description of the injuries by Chief Constable Wyness, who said: "I have seen a few ugly (knife) gashes in the course of my 40 years' experience, but never did I see such a wound on a man who is still alive. Why, you could have put your hand in it." Mr Ewing was taken to the infirmary in Woolmanhill, and the father of a 10-year-old daughter continued to battle for the next few days.He finally succumbed to "traumatic delirium and inflammation of the lungs" on January 13.Harrow, a moody individual who was arrested near the pub at 61 Park Street where he lived with his mother, had shown no indication of being angry with his victims prior to the attack.On the contrary, the barman and customers later reported that the three butchers, who came into the bar at around 10.30pm, did not become involved in any argument.Yet, after taking offence at a remark from Mr Tastard, Harrow pounced on the older man, produced his weapon and stabbed him twice - in the neck and in the chest.Even after he was apprehended at 11.45pm while preparing his supper, he showed no emotion while being cautioned by officers.The Evening Express later remarked that he seemed indifferent to what was happening, doing nothing beyond confirming his name, age, address and occupation.And he remained similarly calm and unflustered as he was locked up in a cell.The first victim was a bachelor who lived with his elderly mother at 13 Marischal Street, which lay near to the docks, and it emerged this was merely the latest tragedy which had befallen the ill-starred Tastard clan.His mum had been the owner of a butcher's shop in Shiprow, and she was well known in the local community for cooking a range of tasty dishes, including potted head and haggis, but she had retired by the time of her son's murder.In the previous two years, she had not only been widowed and lost both her daughter and her son-inlaw, but her eldest son, James, had drowned in a bathing accident at the Falls of Feugh in Banchory two decades earlier.William Tastard's funeral took place on Sunday January 13 and the scale of the commemorations was unprecedented.As the Aberdeen Journal reported the following morning: "From end to end, Union Street was packed with people, the police estimating that upwards of 40,000 witnessed the cortege pass along the streets to the churchyard."From the steps of theMusic Hall, the Young Men's Christian Institute, and from many vantage grounds, the sympathetic spectators witnessed the pathetic procession."It was difficult for investigators in the case to find any reason why Harrow had resorted to such appalling acts of violence. Acquaintances described him as a loner, a man who preferred his own company as he scouted the racing pages in search of a punt, while nursing a schooner or two of beer.Almost right up to the events in January 120 years ago, he and Mr Tastard were not only on friendly terms, but had actually enjoyed dinner together at the victim's home.He was the foreman butcher, while Harrow, who had worked at the slaughterhouse since his teenage years, had proved himself a reliable, if morose, member of staff.However, in the second half of 1900, he had found his workload gradually diminishing, while jobs were handed out to other people and he complained volubly about his treatment.Mr Tastard denied there was any favouritism in this, but Harrow started feeling persecuted and a grudge gradually developed between the two parties. The animosity intensified during the festive season when Harrow was heard making threats against the foreman, but although these were conveyed to the latter, he refused to take them seriously."
  6. Bought my very first pint of beer there. 5 of us had been playing snooker at place down haebour, canna mind what it was called. Next to st clements (which had marvellous strippers on a Thursday I think). Anyhoo, we're all 15/16, but all tall. Dithered about at roundabout, then said fuck it, just pile in. I went up to the bar and said 5 pints Tenants, ye cunt.* Had a minimal amount of pints there, maybe a round each, then after a wander about strolled into the Butchers Arms. 5 pints of lager please. >>> Awa and fuck, you loons are nae auld enough. Doh. *To impose my authority. *I didn't really. Fit wis the murder story again? Sort of recall this.
  7. Bottom line. Cups competed in: 15 Cups won: 1 Cups failed in: 14 Even the 1 win was flukey as fuck. An inept and rudderless performance that needed pens to dispose of Scottish football giants Inverness.
  8. It's how we chose our manager. How could anyone nae ken that?
  9. At a birthday party somewhere. 74 idday.
  10. I like this reply. More emotional than I'd expected fae you. Dinna "deary me" me yi cunt. I like you.
  11. Shit, we'll only get 1 perfomance in 6, rather than the 1 in 5 we get from Hedges? Traumatising.
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