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  1. He's been our best performer in the Mwell & St Johnstone games. In my opinion. Low bar yeah, but he's played well in both* *Played 'well in one and St Js in the other but you know what I'm saying.
  2. Yes and Yes also. Mon ti fuck dandies, jeezoos.
  3. On the brink of a Groundhog Day that innit. That sticking point will only maintain for so long. Someone else said yesterday I think, that once how badly we are playing starts to increasingly eat into how Cormack is perceived by the fans I think that sticking point is gone. Yeah, acknowledged he may get a bit more time because of it, but don't see it being long term if things really do start to go off the edge of a cliff.
  4. Ta. States "booing question" turns fans against players in headline, and Glass also states it's the question that is the problem and nae the booing, for which he "understands their frustrations". I have to withdraw my abuse of Glass on that basis. Stephen Glass in spiky Aberdeen interview as furious boss claims booing question 'turns fans against players' But when asked about the booing on BBC Sportsound, Glass wasn't pleased He said: "I understand their frustration, we're as frustrated as they are as a whole group. Players, staff, everyone. "They can see what we're trying to do and I think questions like that leads you to turn players against fans, fans against players. "We're all together and we're all pushing in the same direction." Embarrassing and pathetic. Gypit looking manky fuck. He was treated well by us, both fans and the club. So also a touch bizarre.
  5. What a haver of shite. In what way would they "turn against the fans"? Boo them back? Blow raspberries at them? Give then the bird? Oh no! Maybe he means they will deliberately start playing WORSE if the fans boo them. Maybe it's no the players they are booing you jute gype. Probably more likely it's your tactics and failure to deliver cohesion on the pitch. DISCLAIMER! I withdraw the above if Glass didn't actually say that shit and a misinterpretation occurred somewhere between entering Stoneybloke's lugs and leaving through his fingers. I'm sort of finding it hard to believe that he would say/suggest/threaten anything as gypit as that.
  6. Fit? We only have 2 central defenders, and hopefully both will be starting in CD tomorrow! I take it you meant central midfielders? If so, just ignore fit I said.
  7. He should have stopped here before he picked up too much speed. Absolute gluepot of a specimen.
  8. 0-0 Seems they struggle to score against or easily bin anyone apart from us. 7 games in Europe 2 v us - 4 goals 5 v others - 3 goals including scoring 1 in 180 minutes against the serious might of MS Ashdod. or Same amount of goals in 1 game at Pittodrie as the total of their 5 other European matches.
  9. Jack Mackenzie pre-matcher, the boy is cool and eloquent. Not something we are used to seeing. Must be due to his status as a native Aberdonian. Smart loon.
  10. Glass: "We're not particularly interested in what the outside noise is" @Crossbow That's you he's spikking aboot.
  11. Any bargaining power he had say 3 or 4 years ago has all but gone now. He'll just have to take what he can get or nae work again.
  12. Historically, our games v St Johnstone are the most turgid of all our fixtures. I'll cream my punts if we show attacking flair v this lot combined with a win. Slight understatement. Played 10 Won 0 A defeat aligned with the above alone is going to be cunting for Glass to excuse.
  13. In the same vein being gathering the points in the manner described beforehand ie 11 points every 13 games. That absolutely has us either relegated or in play-off territory. This was obvious. and what I relayed was clear and reasonable. Hence my rather agitated reply to it being described as "hysterical". That type of low brow, repetitive, unthinking and childish manner of response on here by some that gets on one's tits. I really should refrain from rising to the bait. Though sometimes it is a bit tough to differentiate between bait and stupidity or ignorance.
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