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  1. Yeah, I'd agree with not being completely shit. But he was definitely shit. He's a shit player. Was certainly shit when the ball came to him in advanced positions, either losing the ball, having a woeful attempt at goal or making a cunt of his control.
  2. Aye, that granite een and blue een were horrific. Shite min.
  3. LOL, I thought he was a good signing when we acquired him too. What a gype.
  4. It's fitba Tord, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it.
  5. Apparently his banjo is still intact. Only a matter of time surely?
  6. Guys. I still can't erase the memory of how horrific a player he has been for us. Will take much more that one flash in the pan to get his rating moving from 1 up to 2. Soz x.
  7. Was slightly pished while watching (mind-cut slack was 9.45pm KO here), but will try. ABERDEEN V BK HAKEN Lewis - 6 - Could have done better at their goal? Please correct me if waffling shit. McCrorie - 6 - Could have done better at their goal? Please correct me if waffling shit. Considine - 7 - Could have done better at their goal? Please correct me if waffling shit. 2 points extra, 1 for the goal, and another for the enthusiasm shown in the celebration. Brown - 7 - V good Ramirez - 7 - delightful touches and right place right time Hedges - 7 - Decent Emmanuel Thomas - 7 - Impressive Ojo - 1 - Pish Hayes - 4 - Poor Ferguson - 8 -Goals n shit Ramsey - 7 - Ace Subs Mackenzie - 6 - Magic blooter across the 6 yard for Ramirez goal. McLennen - 6- For goal alone Jenks - Fa? Gurr - Don't recall TBH Manager Glass - 8.3 - 5-1 win against potentially tough opponents attacking flair deployed. Happy.
  8. Love that slant/optimism. Looking forward to seeing Gallagher in action.
  9. I'd fancy us v Qarabag. Worked in Baku 2 years ago and went to a few of their games including CL qualifier v Apoel Nicosia and EL group game v Seville. Would LOVE to go back there under normal circumstances. Was some 7 or 8 months there. Use to work Monday to Saturday, but Friday was always a monumental stramash straight after work, mostly with Aberdeen guys with a moderate sprinkling of weegies and guffs. One Friday, during grand prix weekend, was in this bar wi nae windis, so had no idea it was actually light outside. Bar staff had to phone one of the guys from work, saying we have on of your lot here but he doesn't know his name or where he stays. Was fucking 7.30am. Quick snooze, in office absolutely spangled by back of 9. Fantastic times.
  10. You get every game now. Has been the case for the last 3 or 4 years, i think*. Excellent timing for me leaving the shitey UK when I did. Great that they did the "this match has recently finished, would you like to avoid any content that may reveal the result" or something like that. *Possibly 2 or 3 not shown live due to UEFA fascism. One that sticks out that away game Cup replay v the hun. Watched that 6am Cyprus time once it had been released. Unfortunately at 1-0 up couldnae handle the tension, so zoomed it on to see the scoreline read 2-0. Stress dissipated.
  11. I honestly have no idea what all that means. But I do like it. +1
  12. Nah it was 1980. He said Hamilton scored a hat trick, but he just scored one. Granted it was a last minute winner into the Beach End gleefully lapped up by a delirious wee muttonhumper.
  13. I used to pay 110 a month mutlroo (2 boxes) when back in Aberdeenshire . Now I pay 35 a YEAR for completely unlimited access to EVERYTHING they produce and more through IPTV. In L Room kitchen, bedroom and roof terrace UHD on 300mpbs connection. Fuck them. He really is. He made a cunt of a few things early on, almost leading to a goal for the visitors, then made an absolute cunt of himself when give a goalscoring opportunity from around 12 out. After that, it was easy for him given the rest of the team played well. No doubt, he is still shite and nowhere near the standard we need. Fuck that for a game of soldiers. Maybe they were only as decent as we allowed them to be. Aye, in NE it would be Brooner. As Jim Broon wis.
  14. Was a fairly nasty atmosphere in the away end that day. Good bounce for the last minute equaliser while exiting right behind the goal tho'. Thone useless lanky streak o pish ghosting in to save our blushes. Temporarily.
  15. Seemed okay, swore a lot, but had some fairly obvious incorrect memories of the Dons. All over the place on dates and events. Particularly the Derek Hamilton bit.
  16. Hacket boss: Per-Mathias Hogmo is in the dark about Aberdeen but believes it is more about what his BK Hacken side do in tomorrow night’s Europa Conference League clash. The Swedes have been unable to get eyes on Stephen Glass ’ new-look side because they have done all their training and games behind closed doors at their Cormack Park base. Hogmo has evaluated Aberdeen ’s team and also their new signings, like Scott Brown, Christian Ramirez, Jay Emmanuel Thomas, Teddy Jenks and Jack Gurr, from last season's footage to try and get a handle on the Dons. The Norwegian boss knows Aberdeen have genuine quality but also knows his team are on the up and head to Pittodrie with real confidence. Hogmo said: “Yes, we have not received much there. We have had little information. "We have seen how they played last season and we have seen how their new players have acted. Then we get to evaluate based on that. “We must focus on ourselves and maximise what we have. “We have a squad now where there is a nice competition for places, which means that the quality of the training is higher. “We know we have players we can field, both from match to match, but also during matches. That is very positive.” Hogmo has done enough homework to know that Aberdeen have pace in their team and that is something that can hurt his team. He also knows that Aberdeen have a strong European tradition in recent years and that was shown with their victory over Norwegian side Viking Stavanger last season. Hogmo claimed: “We are facing a team with a proud football history. "It is a team that has brought in some new players. It will be a new exciting match! “They beat Viking last year and now they have opened up to more spectators in their arena. "It will be a cool atmosphere. It's a team with a bunch of good players. “I do not want to go into too much detail on it, but it is a team that has a pretty good pace in the team. “They have skilled passers but can also be more direct. “They can also vary between pressing high and lying low. "We must be prepared for everything.” The former Rosenborg coach came in when BK Hacken were bottom of the table but he has sparked a real revival. The Gothenburg-based side is now back in the fight for the European places. Hogmo also believes it could be an advantage to his side that they are midway through their domestic season while tomorrow night will be Aberdeen’s first competitive game. Hogmo stated: “Yes, it is an advantage. I know that from Norway. “I have played a lot of European Cups with both Tromsö and Rosenborg.”
  17. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/uefa-europa-conference-league/aberdeen-v-bk-hacken/winner
  18. Watched both McCrorie and Glass RedTV interviews yesterday. Glass when asked about McRorie's playing duties, said he can play RB, CB and CM and will be utilised in all 3 positons by him. Nae sure if I'm that keen on him being used that way. You'd imagine being hoyed around like that is nae the best way to find any level of consistency in one's playing produce. Might not turn out like that of course, possibly just a throwaway comment. But at this point, I couldn't hazard a guess at where he will be deployed most. Though given our options at RB and CM, allied with how thin on the ground we are in central defence I'd have to plump for the CD role. Unless we are adding to our resources there at some point before the transfer window is gently deployed in the closed position.
  19. Looks fine for me. List of Countries Without Quarantine Requirement: Cyprus UK disnae look so straightforward. b) Travellers from virus variant areas Currently, these include Botswana, Brazil, Eswatini, India, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Zambia and Zimbabwe Travel for certain purposes only (e.g. business travel, medical reasons etc.) Need to register digitally in advance to obtain pre-travel clearance, required to show proof at the border (either digitally or as a hard copy). Find more information on the pre-travel clearance here and find the form you need to fill in before travelling here. Negative PCR test (NOT antigen test) no older than 72 h required 10-day quarantine (can take test after 5 days to end quarantine early) https://www.austria.info/en/service-and-facts/coronavirus-information/entry-regulations
  20. So did I at the time of the draw. A bye, I believe I said. Looks "less good" with each passing day.
  21. Cool min. Would love to go, never been there before.
  22. Possibility to get a home ticket? 17K capacity. Decent flights for me. Wed to Sat.
  23. This means nothing to me.
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