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  1. Which makes all the wailing, sobbing, gnashing of teeth, pantaloon-moistening and all-round mattress-soiling in the early pre-season a complete and utter waste of time and energy. Quite funny to witness though, that said, especially among the most dour, depressing, miserable-faced of Aiberdonians that could drain the life out of a fucking corpse. Personally I think it's shaping up to be a far better season ahead, can't wait
  2. I remember starting a new job back in 2012, it was the first time I'd moved jobs in about 5 years, and it was the first time upon signing a new employment contract that a specific section about Internet and social media use was brought to my attention. Specifically about not using Internet/social media in any way which would bring the name of the company or myself as an officer/representative of the company into any kind of disrepute. I'm sure that's commonplace and much further/better defined in employment contracts these days, especially for professional footballers. As for advice or counselling on dealing with social media criticism etc, yeah you'd expect so these days with all the focus on mental health, dealing with "trolling" etc.
  3. I've often wondered about how many professional footballers lurk on forums etc reading threads about themselves, and how many actually post comments. In this day and age of smartphones and constant access to the Internet it must be a constant temptation, especially among the more egotistical types. You'd need a thick-skin given some of the criticism and abuse that goes on, but then their big egos and narcissism probably lap it up either way.
  4. Aye, and there was me thinking a Wycombe forum would be a poisonous pit of parochial paranoid misery, anger, hatred and suicidal despair just like AFC Chat
  5. Looks like he's being raptured from earth to heaven during the Second Coming of Christ(ian Ramirez)
  6. I'm definitely the most ITK poster around here at the moment, literally In The Karzy as I type this, generating a higher standard of shite than most
  7. One eye lookin' at ya, one eye lookin' for ya
  8. Ably supported by Budgie Burrige on the bench.
  9. Pretty much anyone that played for St Mirren in the late '80s.
  10. I could've sworn that Hurlock was at the hunnery for years, just googled him and it turns out he was only there for one season. That ugly coupon must've been seared indelibly into my brain.
  11. Knucke-dragging hun troglodyte Alex Rae must be a guaranteed starter.
  12. Aye, well, that's devotion for ya.
  13. Elspeth's gone to Inverness for a hen night, I hear. All that way just to pick up a chicken.
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