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  1. Scotty Burns is scoffing at the prospect of Fergie moving to Cagliari! … having said that, since the end of McInnes’ tenure, Burns’ stream of reliable information from Pittodrie seems to have dried up somewhat. Coincidence?
  2. 4-0 - haud that, me ol’ China! Crazy collapse that, at the end… hard to explain, I don’t think Englands players are actually as bad as they appear. However they just seem subject to these spectacular collapses! At 68-0 they were actually in control and favourites to win the test for the first time in the series! What then followed was incredible!
  3. Half agree with you, but Murray seems to be loving it right now (his reaction after winning the semi). I used to travel to Melbourne every year and it was glorious watching him utterly destroy all comers, other than Djokovic - who was just way too good for him (and everyone else in the world). It was almost embarrassing the gulf in glass between Murray and his opponents. It was brilliant watching him live - you don't fully appreciate the way he had his opponents on a string, watching on the TV. He's a competitive beast. As long as he's still enjoying it, he deserves the right to play on. In fairness, he's playing at top 50 in the world level, with a hip replacement. That in itself is an incredible achievement, if viewed in isolation. It's a new first for a player who continues to break records. He's a remarkable athlete. The best Scotland has ever seen, and probably ever will.
  4. Clark is better than Lewis these days, so a positive step. However Clark will be commanding a big wage. Money better spent elsewhere IMO!
  5. I see Hanratty has been sent to Elgin for the rest of the season… sounds like he did very well at Formartine. Wonder if we see him pushing for a first team spot next season?
  6. England were much improved unfortunately. One of their openers finally showing up made a difference IMO - all tour they've been under almost constant pressure due to their ineptitude. Not giving themselves a chance. I don't watch England outside of Ashes, but not sure why Bairstow didn't start the series and didn't play every match? He was their 4th highest scorer last year was he not? The boy Buttler has been pretty poor - I know he's one of the top short form players in the world - but hasn't looked comfortable with gloves or bat this summer.
  7. Will be interesting to see what happens with Barron... if his excursion has prepared him to stake a claim. With McLennan and Campbell, both players have been in and around the first team for years, but neither has really kicked on. IMO - a lack of game time is a large factor. Young players need to play and both these lads have hardly played since they arrived on the scene. They haven't had a chance to develop really...
  8. Good news about Barron. Playing every week in a team at the top of their League. He’s clearly been an integral part of their success. I would assume he’s coming back to play, otherwise we’d have been better leaving him there to continue to develop and learn.
  9. He's created our winner with a mis placed pass, but agree. Just not able for it at this level. Lacks quality.
  10. haha! Utterly dreadful pass from McLennan... but a goal! Thought this was a stick-on for 1-1!
  11. Need to roll the dice and bring JET on... we don't look like creating anything right now.
  12. Was thinking the same.... until I saw McLennan coming on!
  13. Watching him waddle off the pitch at half time... some size of a gut now! If you train every day, as a pro-footballer, how does that happen? I always imagine it would be tough not to stay trim?
  14. Story of our season so far today... Dundee haven't troubled us, apart from a few shaky moments at the back. Heaps of the ball, but painfully unable to do anything with it. Zero creativity and a lack of quality in the final ball. It's quite clear our first XI are far more able than Dundee's, however it's not translated where it counts! .
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