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  1. Need to get him moved on asap, so we can get a replacement.
  2. He looked miles off it… not sure it was about attitude. If you look at his record, his best form has been as part of three CBs… I just wonder if he was just found out up here?
  3. Our head analyst wouldn't have tweeted about a transfer target. That would be counter-intuitive. Last thing we'd be wanting to do is draw attention to any potential deal.
  4. Interesting he talks about the importance of having good characters at a club - something he enjoyed at Wycombe… He’s going to get a shock when he rocks up at Cormack Park to be confronted by our collection of sulks, Huns and wage thieves.
  5. Is this is women who used to appear sometimes on RedTV at half time? Very bubbly and cheerful, but didn’t appear to have the foggiest what was going on? Club needs to get rid of all the Huns, at every level, in our football club.
  6. Derby fans pretty consistent about him on Twitter: Positives: brilliant shot stopper. Negatives: prone to errors & struggles with command of his box. Important Big Joe gets challenged this year…
  7. Where did you read that? Did you manage to get access to @Ten Caat’s top secret dossier?
  8. Ferguson is total clogger by comparison! McLean was a proper footballer.
  9. He’s nowhere near as good as McLean was… granted McLean started slowly with us, but by the end, he was dictating games. Ferguson is a decent player at our level, but I’ve never seen him control a match, or dominate in the way McLean used to do towards the end of his spell. He was struggling to impact our bottom six matches at the end of last season. Technically they are night and day too! Ferguson will have a good career in the championship I reckon. However he’s not good enough to play in the EPL.
  10. If we win a trophy during his time, it’s going to be funny to see how he reacts! He’ll be front and centre of the action, giving it big licks - no doubt about that!
  11. Lately it's been a miserable time to support AFC. Just let me get carried away... please!
  12. New song for the season (tune: 'Scotland get battered...') 'GUNNER MAKES SIGNINGS EVERYWHERE HE GOES...'
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