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  1. Barry Douglas, 31, left-back. Out of contract in the summer. Worth a look?
  2. I thought he was dreadful when he was here... however, he has clearly had a decent career down south and fully appreciate that he could have improved, during the intervening years. Reminds me of Jamie McAllister a bit - he was shocking at Aberdeen. Vivid recollections of him shanking the ball into the stands all afternoon! However, he obviously improved dramatically after he left and even made a few Scotland squads at his peak!
  3. To get this back on topic...there are some valid points hidden within the various layers of a Rocket_Scientist post. A good mate of mine suffered/suffers with depression. He has an amazing life... a great family, a good job, a close group of friends, etc. Absolutely no reason to feel down or depressed. Yet this illness just gnaws away at him, for no apparent reason. Learning about his experiences over the years have helped me gain a better understanding of certain mental illnesses and I fully appreciate it's proper medical condition. An awful affliction that you wouldn't wish on anyone (other than a Hun)! However, there are increasing numbers of people, who are maybe going though some tough times, or some form of adversity in their lives... they struggle to handle or deal with their problems and subsequently claim they are 'suffering from depression'. These are the types of individuals I believe R_S is referring to in his OP! I do think it's a by-product of the society we live in today and it does detract somewhat, from those who are genuinely suffering! You hear a lot about various spikes in the incidence of mental health related illnesses during the COVID-19 restrictions... this is a prime example of the blurred lines. I understand that living under the current conditions can exacerbate some symptoms of those with mental health issues. However, living through a difficult of period, or experiencing adversity in your life and struggling to cope or process - this is not mental illness!! It's really dangerous to label folk, who are maybe mentally more fragile, or less equipped to deal with adversity, as 'suffering from mental illness'! It does a huge disservice to those who are genuinely ill!
  4. At least two windows, before he starts being judged IMO. Squad is in absolutely terrible shape.
  5. The Rocket and Roberto help keep the lights on in here!
  6. Think he'd actually complement Boyce quite well.
  7. I reckon McInnes will be in charge of Hearts by the end of next season.
  8. What drugs are you taking? ... and can you send some to Australia?
  9. Kamberi is a strange one... no doubt the boy has ability, but he has been really dreadful for us. If Glass thinks he can get the best of him, then fair enough... but nothing the boy seems to try, ever seems to come off for him. In terms of poor decision making, he'd be up there with McLennan. With Kamberi, I'd be happy to say, 'thanks for your efforts', but we go our separate ways in summer...
  10. He's done his time - so I'm happy to accept him. Almost everyone deserves a second chance IMO. However, its the social media stuff and getting involved with fans, that concerns me.... as mentioned, he's going to be under more scrutiny as an Aberdeen player. Living in Aberdeen and playing for Aberdeen, he's going to attract more attention - if things start going badly, fans will mouth off to him and give him a hard time on social media. He needs to keep the head.
  11. Good luck to them! They'll need it!
  12. Gallagher will be interesting... a chequered past and a quick scan of the Motherwell forums suggests he has previous in terms of getting involved with fans on social media - which seems to have upset a few of their fans. Playing for Aberdeen is a bit more of a goldfish bowl for players - interesting to see how he handles the extra attention and scrutiny.
  13. Anyone know what can be done to cure a burnt back?
  14. Agree with you there F'n'D! Not often that happens. The only two positives I took from the game. Ramsay had a tough afternoon and was caught well out of position a number of times, was wasteful in possession at times, made some poor decisions.... but I love his attitude. Didn't let his head go down and still kept at it for the 90 mins. He'll have plenty of other horror shows... but I reckon he's got a bit about him. He has a chance IMO.
  15. Kamberi has been terrible today - but at least he's having a crack. Should be folk like Ferguson, who haven't shown up, or bothered their arse, that should be getting both barrels.
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