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  1. As I said on another thread im happy to go for this if we can get a move for Lewis including a transfer fee. If we can't then i'd let zander clark go by and wait till further down the line. There is no way the situation merits paying off Lewis or having such an expensive back up
  2. I actually think Kennedy is slightly better than that but Glass has fairly killed him off by taking an absolute dislike to him.
  3. I'd be wanting to turn a profit on the Hedges out and McGrath in deals. No problem for wheeler dealer Dave. Get a wee bit of money in for another signing eg a winger
  4. Our goalkeepers may well be shite but i'd need some convincing that its one of our 5 biggest problems
  5. I'd be saying that £500k upwards is a chunky fee. That's my shout, and if we can't pull that off i'm willing to let zander clark go by and run down more of Woods/Lewis contracts
  6. Presuming Clark is a good bit cheaper than Lewis and we collect a very chunky fee for Lewis then why not. If we have no plans to move Lewis on then there is no point.
  7. Good move if we can get out of the Jenks deal. showed glimpses but over the piece he has been anonymous
  8. maybe just keeping in the good books ahead of our opening £75k offer
  9. another central midfielder should fix things nicely
  10. Ramsay will beat Ferguson and maybe even Hedges out the door
  11. Fair shout from those saying we'd get a player today Connie Barron
  12. surely zero chance as everyone is on holiday
  13. £4m for Ramsay, $1M for Ronnie and £500k for Hedges would be a wee war chest for the new manager in the summer.
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