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  1. The day I knew Cormack, Gunn and Glass did not know what they were doing; The day we signed Matty Longstaff. A, presumably, very expensive player in an area of the pitch that was our absolute lowest priority. Absolute bonkers signing. The four players that came in; Samuels, Watkins, Longstaff and Bates - we could have been a lot more smart with our final pennies. A penalty box striker, a winger and Bates. I do hope Watkins, Samuels and Longstaff prove their worth though.
  2. That stupid 433 will kill Glass. I hope he changes it before too long. It's resulting in us getting absolutely no one in the box. I presumed we were changing back to the variation (of the first 3-4 games) with JET close to Ramirez but no it was still the same awkward formation.
  3. It was right to get rid of McInnes. Glass not working out. He'll be sacked in 2022
  4. Too many midfielders is going to kill Glass. Chance of a decent league season will be over by the october international break if he persists with selecting five centre mids in the starting XI. Glass gone and Brown as manager within 12 months.
  5. Look forward to the next match of squeezing five centre mids in to the starting XI
  6. Aye. We would need a maximum of 5 points to progess assuming Austria win 4/4 and/or Israel win 3/3. If they didn't do that, which they probably won't based on form to date, then we'll need less.
  7. It's such a huge result. A win against Israel means we would only need a maximum of five points from Faroes A, Moldova A and Denmark H A draw against Israel would still be decent as it would still require Israel to win 3/3 OR Austria to win 4/4 to make us sweat and need a result off Denmark. It takes a fuck up of epic proportions to not seal a playoff place and winning the next 3 will see us seeded for the playoff semi final.
  8. Our best team will be playing Watkins (or Hedges or JET) in beside Ramirez which we will rarely be doing as it doesnt work while squeezing in Brown, Fergie and Longstaff
  9. Yea you would have thought there was a deal to be done when we have 26 players. Mcgeouch, Kennedy, Mclennan and £300k does the job. Gets rid of three wasters to boot. We continue paying them and its a top deal for saints
  10. He's still the messiah until he moves to Sunderland on January deadline day
  11. I think Aberdeen/Hibs will need to get him in January to have a chance. As you say on a free transfer an english club will easily take a punt but hey some of that will depend on how he does this season.
  12. Lewis, Woods (2) Ramsay, Gurr (2) Bates, Gallagher, McCrorie, Devlin, Considine (5) Mackenzie, Hayes (2) Brown, Ferguson, Campbell, Ojo, McGeouch, Jenks, Longstaff (7) McLennan, Kennedy, Hedges, McGinn, Watkins (5) Ramirez, JET, Samuels (3) Not including Ruth, Ngwenya and Hancock etc.
  13. He's a Glass signing though? So would not have expected him to be completely bombed out
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