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  1. I do appreciate when she live streams the games though - that's always handy when you are too tight for the proper stream
  2. I wouldnt believe everything Jim Goodwin says.
  3. Media reporting today that we are happy with £2M up front for Ferguson, and that four clubs are in for him. Millwall was realistic on the £££ but Ferguson knocked them back in favour of the other four who are all abroad apparently
  4. Would he be an international player? No idea how it works but assumed he'd be a local
  5. Nobody is saying we'll let him go until the 2-3 strikers are in the door. It's just planting the seed today
  6. He was probably just bending the truth here. I'll go with three strikers; 2 senior and 1 young lad on loan. Missing the biggest point being he'll bin Ramirez and replace him.
  7. Watkins is not a striker. Miosvki does not have a work permit. Harvey is 16/17. Would have been utter madness to release Ramirez before getting 2 in the door.
  8. Aye ive realised that now he's put on a heap of weight. I had been hoping he might get to the MLS but alas he's going to Beavertown Beavers or such
  9. 3 strikers all new. Jet, Watkins and Ramirez all doon the road
  10. That's sowing the seed for some Woods/Gallagher treatment in 4-5 weeks. I'm starting to think we are not going to see a transfer fee for him. It feels like if someone was happy to part with $300k or something there would have been more rumblings. He was training with a side in the US that are not even Gurr/Glass level
  11. stats look really good. worth a punt more than mcgrath possibly
  12. Ronan has got two year contract left at Wolves so could easy be loaned out again for 6-12 months. Neimeijer set to sign for Brescia. Would have been a good one
  13. I doubt Ronan will be playing for Wolves when they name their 25 man EPL squad and thats on the 4th or 5th August. So a move for him before the end of July is quite likely. I dont think the lower leagues have any concept like that so Wigan could hold on to McGrath to much nearer the deadline
  14. lack of rumours probably means more likely targeting players abroad?
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