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  1. That was also clear from the staff during the Cormack Park tours. Hayes is clearly well liked.
  2. Surely team picks itself Clarkson for Coulson
  3. I think the club will get more serious about what the plan is after this window is out of the way. If we have to sell him in January or next summer then so be it. We are not letting players run down their contracts anymore
  4. Can't see it is probably why there is no deal yet. The club will push for a four year deal for longer yet and probably offering parity with some of the older players. Why would the club offer that wage rise for a 3 year deal? We can still sell in January or next summer with the two year deal.
  5. McLennan needs a Dean Campbell deal.
  6. Think club will be looking for a 4 yr deal to 2026 and have in mind he stays for 2 years from here
  7. Summer 2023 Dean Campbell - on loan at Stevenage Leighton Clarkson - on loan from Liverpool Hayden Coulson - on loan from Middlesbrough Jonny Hayes Matty Kennedy Connor McLennan Christian Ramirez Liam Scales - on loan from Celtic Marley Watkins Summer 2024 Connor Barron David Bates Ryan Duncan Joe Lewis Kieran Ngwenya Dante Polvara Kelle Roos Anthony Stewart Jim Goodwin Summer 2025 Jack Mackenzie Jack Milne Ylber Ramadani Jayden Richardson Callum Roberts Luis Duk Lopes Summer 2026 Vicente Besuijen Shayden Morris Bojan Miovski Ross McCrorie
  8. Great to hear Goodwin saying he's not up to speed yet. He looks the business
  9. Absolutely. So Milne will be blooded, Bates will get a second life or Bates will move on and be replaced. We surely wont go on with putting McCrorie in to defence in the majority of games (4 out of 6 so far)
  10. I think Goodwin is probably pulling the leg with the one more signing chat. Its hard to believe he'll leave himself with only Stewart, Milne and McCrorie as centre halfs for Celtic games knowing an injury or suspension is leaving us with no options
  11. I think Dundee would be a good move. Same treatment as Campbell to see if he can prove himself as a player of £200k to £500k value and we can get some cash. Otherwise he's freed in January or May.
  12. I know everyone on here hates a squad player but i'd say it would ideally be a defender that plays everywhere across the back and can fill in everywhere.
  13. I presume its 5 subs but 3 stoppages. We'd stopped the game 3 times so even though we'd only made 4 subs that was us done.
  14. I see Goodwin brining up the 22 players thing again in his comments and saying we'll probably move a couple on. We are on 25. The obvious candidates to go would seem like Bates, McLennan and Watkins. Outside shouts for Lewis, Ramirez, Polvara (loan) and Duncan (loan)
  15. I'm liking the current formation with only two midfielder and using an attacker in the advanced midfield '10' role. It was probably a bit ambitious at Parkhead but i'd like to see us doing it the majority of the time. I wouldnt want to see us changing the tactics if the four centre mids are all available.
  16. So weve played 6 games and McCrorie has ended up in defence in 4 of them. I think we need to hurry up and either sign a defender, blood young Milne or give Bates another chance.
  17. It's funny how there is plenty chat about how we fit the team together but in reality there is so few weeks in the year where we are missing no players. Now missing Coulson, Mackenzie, Morris, Roberts and Barron which is on the excessive side but you'd expect 2-3 to miss every game
  18. No but maybe get the feeling he's going to be injured for a whiley
  19. Leighton Clarkson apparently. Presumably an alternative to McGrath
  20. It's some Liverpool youngster on loan
  21. seen some mention of high blood pressure?
  22. aye about as much chance of Tommy Rogic as Martin Boyle
  23. signing delayed due to a problem with the quotas. Releasing Ramirez would free up a 0.3
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