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  1. The Huns are posting videos from ex players begging their fans to behave in Spain. I just hope the Spanish cops are polishing their boots, and making sure their batons are in tip top shape for some serious hun skelping.
  2. He's under contract for another year. Happy for him to leave so long as we get a fee.
  3. Not sure it's embarrassing for Scottish football but it's certainly embarrassing for Aberdeen FC, David Cormack and 'single sign on' Rob that they have finished well clear of us
  4. That's the away end. A decent caley young team behind the goals though making a bit of noise.
  5. Players care about money. That's all.
  6. The club clearly don't care about finishing the season strongly so why should the fans.
  7. If St Johnstone can't get the point they need tonight they deserve to go down.
  8. Was just thinking it's a big day for the 'on this day' merchants on Twitter
  9. If Ramirez is away and missing these last two matches I'd hope that there's a good reason for it. I know we've nothing to play for but he's paid enough that he can bloody well play in them.
  10. Solanke, Jordan Ibe, even going back to Joe Allen or Charlie Adam. If you've played a few first team games other clubs in the second tier/lower end of the top flight in England will pay well over the odds.
  11. You know it's bad when you can't even be arsed to watch a free stream online on a Wednesday night.
  12. I think people need to remember the money from player sales doesn't go in to your back pocket. It really doesn't mean anything to fans - £4m or £6m.
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