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  1. Peter Hetherston can go and take his face for a shite. A complete nobody from one of the worst seasons in the clubs history. Everything this week has been noise. We simply have to start winning football matches.
  2. The comeback starts on Saturday. Cut out the individual errors and go forward with purpose. Home win.
  3. Cormack obviously went on wound up and he's pretty much become a meme in Scottish football now but he made some good points. We have been unlucky in games and individuals are costing us. We simply must win on Saturday.
  4. Don't see how this even remotely helps the manager or the team.
  5. We have a decent squad if you look at it on a player by player basis but there's no balance to our starting 11's and individual players are letting us down every game as well. The manager doesn't know how to get them to work, and I don't think Scott Brown playing is the answer either.
  6. Fuck sake just noticed we have the huns away next midweek too. No way he's surviving the next three if we lose them.
  7. Think we need to make a change. Theres been no signs of improvement, in fact we're just repeating the same mistakes game after game. He has no pedigree either to suggest things will change.
  8. This doesn't count as word being out.
  9. Why is this game at 6PM? I know it's not on TV but missed the reason.
  10. Zero interest in the AFC women's team. Glad the club finally set them up their own channel on twitter so don't have to see so much of it now.
  11. Not really, we don't have a soft spot for either unlike sections of the Hearts support.
  12. I'd be disappointed by that if I were a Hearts fan. No doubt you'd feel differently if it was Celtic stuff.
  13. Venezuela are pish though aren't they. Hopefully Atlanta want to buy him and we get the money back. What a joke of a signing.
  14. Why are we only giving an away allocation of 800? Both teams would take comfortably more than that especially given current form. The club is at it.
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