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  1. Reckon Hearts will be alright this season. The league is very poor. Motherwell or Dundee to go down. McInnes to Hearts seems a cert at some point, but would they pay the big bucks he might demand like he was on here?
  2. Great result and performance. Was surprised like most to see Ojo get a start but he did well. Interesting in Glass' post match interview he spoke about his tactical awareness and ability to adapt across the midfield. I was a bit pessimistic about the season ahead but last night has definitely raised expectations. Hard to tell how good Hacken are though. Thought they would be similar to someone like Livingston or Motherwell but clearly not, probably more of a Dundee or a Hearts. Also, fair play to Scott Brown. A proper leader.
  3. Nae sure there's a direct correlation bluto.
  4. No way England are going out tonight. The Italians are our best bet, but have to confess, i'm concerned.
  5. Club doing fans a favour not letting fans in for pre-season games. 10 times out of 10 they're abysmal (if played at home). Was hard enough watching us play competitive games last season.
  6. Not been Shay's week has it.
  7. Probably not announcing anything to stop people gathering at Cormack Park.
  8. We played St Johnstone and Dundee United (I think) at Cormack Park last summer, and Hibs at Pittodrie.
  9. I imagine most first time visitors would feel similar when visiting this site. If any Brighton fans feel similarly I'd wager a good 95% of posts on here are complete nonsense and not serious.
  10. Not familiar with 'league cup groups'. What are they?
  11. Mcginn needs someone with pace beside him. He's still a good player but surprised how slow he is. Not too downhearted. Croatia showed their class last night. The Czech game was the one we had to win I always felt. We were up against good teams though in the group. If you watched the game last night the Scotland players were charging in, bombing forward as fast as they could, trying to do everything at 100mph, inevitably being caught out of position or lacking control. Croats on the other hand for most part, cool calm and collected. Technically superior but knew how to control the game. Took the sting out of it when needed. Scotland are still on the up. Still a couple of top players short, but hopefully Gilmour will take control in midfield, and we can find someone to stick the ball in the net.
  12. Jesus christ. Have a word with yourself.
  13. Would rather give them all a miss than have to turn up three hours early ffs. What a load of shit.
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