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  1. Blew hot and cold pretty much after his first season if I'm being brutally honest and this season, well enough said really
  2. Feel sorry for the guy. Its obvious he isn't in the same mould as Rooney but he did have McGinn and Hayes when they were excellent playing alongside him which helped.
  3. OddJob

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    That MP has sadly died. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with people? Disagree with a persons politics yes but to attack a person and in this case murder them, fucking freak
  4. OddJob

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    Actually he was Scottish (well born in Kilmarnock), not sure how long he lived down there. A weirdo anyway
  5. I'd say it was a full blooded challenge. Maybe the speed he has went in was the issue but totally believe if Goldson made that challenge it's not even a foul let alone a card. If it was slightly high his foot at point of contact then yes it's a red card. Poor decision. Dont believe the ref has the right viewpoint to 100% make that decision. Hun players made it for him
  6. OddJob

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    BBC News - Lars Vilks: Muhammad cartoonist killed in traffic collision - media reports https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-58783998 A hero to many like his Danish counterpart who ripped the piss out of religion
  7. OddJob

    Thread O Twitter

    I can't believe we've had 5 pages all about this bloody police video
  8. I've got no problem with the fact they won (apart from the fact they only won 3-2 really ) it's just the overreaction from fans and media. The players themselves were fine gentlemen who deserve credit, just a pity the great team we had from the 70's for example couldn't achieve better
  9. That's a fair few of that Engerlund 66 team snuffed it in past few years. Can only be a couple of them left
  10. Great to see cunts like Madrid getting beat like that. All the money in the world too. Fuck them
  11. That's the worrying thing if the scouts thought he looked good, doesn't exactly bode well for future signings Bamford!?? like the ambition mate
  12. Exactly, the one against Lustig was never a red card and that's not looking through red tinted specs either. Lustig's ridiculous overreaction is what got Hayes sent off imo
  13. It's almost as if his goal against Livi is enough to warrant even still being in the squad let alone the starting 11. As been said we have a ridiculous amount of centre-mids so no need to shoehorn them in to the team. January will be an interesting transfer window that for sure regardless if Glass is still somehow here or not
  14. Agreed Lewis has to be dropped now
  15. Saw the state of the city centre properly today. Fucking hell it's bad ☹
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