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  1. To be fair Patterson does look good but agree about Ramsey, very impressed with him
  2. Exactly. Most of the same players too. The difference between an attacking minded manager and a safe and/or negative one
  3. Hacken defence just couldn't cope with them. Their movement and link up play was impressive. As been said tho need another forward at least as god forbid one of them gets injured
  4. And there you have it pal, shows what I know about the city centre in last few years
  5. Oh I know where that is now, drive past it many a time never realised the name cheers
  6. Some amazing shouts here but another to add is High Fidelity. Beta Band on it too
  7. My mate is the same, a definite no for me too Whereabouts is that?
  8. They're utter cunts most of them Ha ha yeah you're probably right. Maybe Club T. Babylon? And Espo. But then again haven't been for a night out in town since end of 2019 so maybe there's more still open
  9. Agreed pal just looks horrendous. Says it all when Dundee us looking a hell of a lot better and more welcoming than our city centre and you're right about the 4 malls, ridiculous really. If I'm ever in town which is rarely nowadays, I'm only ever in Union Square. Just so sad to see the state of the place Always frequented Oscars, was gutted when it closed. First night of Jumpin Jaks opening, me and my mate walked in, I went up to the bar, he went for a slash, was away to have a scoof of our drink and then got grabbed by bouncers and thrown out. Got outside and they said we had been seen fighting with some other guys. Obviously was mistaken identity but they weren't having any of it. Utter pricks but to be fair place was usually shit any other time was there afterwards so did us a favour
  10. Tom O'Connor dead at 81 Used to like Crosswits, when quiz shows were actually good
  11. Dont disagree with any of that at all mate. Think Martinez is one of those guys who is a decent coach but not a good manager. There's something strange about him, cant pinpoint what it is. Was a disastrous appointment for Everton
  12. Was thinking the same the other day. He had been on the downward spiral for good few years but was still getting played then all of a sudden McInnes drops him when it should have been ages ago. I don't buy the whole appearances story, think that's just a cover tbh.
  13. I think he will be alright. As been said a different type of player. Intrigued
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