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    I'd imagine it's fuck all to do with covid I'm guessing there's a crime of passion taken place, wife cheating on bloke, he finds out tries to kill her, then goes after the bloke, doesn't fully explain the other shooting though.
  2. Warburtons old English, well toasted, spread with butter , then spread again, sprinkle of salt. As per Nigelas recipe
  3. chief_wiggum

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    If found to be female WYOWYN?, i get the feeling she would be a crazy bitch in the sack as well, ugly as fuck though looks like Uncle Peter fae Vic and Bob
  4. Aye cause as an 8 year old that summed it up, that was what you kind of felt was happening, we did laugh about it, it wasn't regarded as anything sexual if I remember right.
  5. Aye there was a few of us used to do it, sure one of my pals called it "itchy cocky" It was a change from playing games of 3 and in, postie, heeders only, kerbie etc
  6. Same here about 8 or 9 didn't realize I was basically wanking in public
  7. Just remember, more than two shakes and your playing with yourself!
  8. The wife nearly got into a fecht yesterday at Heathrow Terminal 5. We were in the queue for buisness class and up swans a couple of poofs, waistcoats, pink jackets , Fortnum and Mason bags. Right to the front of the queue, slightly drunk wife calls them out......were priority1 they say, so are we get to the back ........shouting and arguing ensued , one of them says the wife had a face that would sour milk which we id have a laugh at, anyway I calmed her down, and they got on last. Thought I was going to have to go in like Begbie swedging the cunts.
  9. Probably be a drizzly 15 degrees in Aberdeen
  10. She's 5 years younger than me... Back of the net!....still an auld cunt though
  11. Hope the little hun cunt in the tribute act top at the corner flag gets the ball of his face
  12. Noooooooo Is it just me or does this new keeper of ours like to wander about outside his box, recipe for disaster me thinks.
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