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    Bumhole maybe but you would be a brave man to put it in her mouth with those nashers, she could eat an apple through a letterbox.
  2. Been making some ace BIR currys lately, made a Phaal to this recipe the other night, top class.https://mistyricardo.com/phaal-curry-recipe/ A bit of an investment buying the proper pan and a good selection of spices, a little work making a batch of the base sauce and some garlic/ginger paste, then you can knock up some lovely currys in no time. Not quite perfected to restaurant level but not far off and miles better than a jar of sauce!
  3. My boring Bee / Wasp story Sitting outside with a mate in Croatia having a pint and a wasp landed on my neck, I went to touch whatever it was crawling on me and it stung me, my mate then jumps up knocking over the table and his drink as he frantically run about windmilling like a nutter all over 1 wasp.
  4. Hash Browns, American tasteless shite that should be nowhere near a full English/Scottish breakfast, extra black pudding instead.
  5. Stupid cunts trying to go for another pitch invasion. They going to do that every time we score?
  6. "The difference between the two is subtle, but crucial nonetheless. Indeed, the Special Olympics is for individuals with intellectual disabilities, whereas the Paralympics is generally for athletes with any disability, including physical, and only at an elite level."
  7. Olympics have been pissing me off, glad it's all over, now they are trying to drag it out by interviewing the medal winners and patting them on the back to fill in time before the even more annoying Paralympics come along. ...Bring back the special olympics.
  8. chief_wiggum

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    Looks like he's setting himself up here, he's stretching the realms of coincidence, surely the cops must be on to him and are letting him dig himself into a hole.
  9. chief_wiggum

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    Up the shit pipe every Saturday night and a mid week blow job and Id be happy.
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