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  1. Natasia Demetriou from What we do in the Shadows, and recently on Toast of Tinseltown
  2. Used to go into the Balmoral Lounge for a couple of lunchtime pints when I worked in a garage on Chapel Street. Got a bad pint one time (honest!) had to sprint to the door and projectile vomited across the pavement then walked down to the zebra crossing and while I'm crossing violently throwing up what seemed to be 10 feet in front of myself, (like the David Walliams racist woman in Little Britain) same all the way up Chapel Street... Never returned
  3. chief_wiggum


    You can have bacon if it's cut up really small.......Tru dat
  4. 9 day Greek Island cruise in May 7 day Med cruise in July Cyprus villa in September for a week Well that's what's planned anyway, hopefully they will all happen.
  5. One of the best schoolboy wizards! Anybody have him in the celeb death predictor?
  6. chief_wiggum

    In The News

    Had a thought about this (no I'm nae some Tim fetish weirdo) Why didn't she just shit in a tray or something, get herself a little fan, and blow the stink of fresh shite into the jars. She could fill hundreds up in one go and make a fortune without all the hospital drama!
  7. chief_wiggum

    In The News

    Hmmm Got her on my Celebrity Deaths ......Not that anybody's keeping scores.
  8. Good at flying F14s On a serious note if there is such a thing on here and to quote a car sales/valuation site called Parkers in the UK "according to our contacts, there are ‘currently no plans whatsoever’ to sell the Ford Maverick in the UK. Repeat: there is no Ford Maverick UK on sale date of any kind." https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/news/2021/ford-maverick/
  9. chief_wiggum


    Nothing to do with the rights or wrongs of stopping party's etc, more about me as a foggie moaning about the yoot of today Some dolly dimple quine on the news, typical air headed fuckwit with the fake face asked what her plans were for New Year.... " so having like a couple of like people over like 30 or 40, but now like, it will be more like 10 or so" ....since when is a couple 40?
  10. I have that one too, It's turned grey now and all the printing is cracked, still fits though! and also this one too
  11. Merry Christmas to all you cunts, esp Kelt, Dad, Buzzard and yon hibs spazmo.
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