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  1. The state of that cunt! I take it he's now collecting trollies or doing the bins these days?
  2. Google search result for bestiality and spit roast?
  3. As much a legal expert as JET is a footballer!
  4. davieb


    Yes, but they have their toilet roll sorted!
  5. davieb


    Putin took over the Whitehouse when Trump was in office
  6. Just lolz, your mind right now must be buzzing with imaginary conversations about how you initiate sex with your imaginary partners!
  7. Mate, it's laughable you are so cut up about the fact that folk talk about it!
  8. If I was Raith, I'd sign Griffiths now, can't get any worse for them!
  9. Nipped my head for ages wanting a kid, of course I fucking remember the conversation!
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