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  1. I read an article the other day that said loads had had big pay rises to about £23 an hour. Based on a 40 hour week that's about 48k a year. Throw in over night stop allowances they'll be doing nae bad. Drinking buddy of mine is a lorry driver. Regularly goes to Orkney for drops and makes double his wage in brown envelope payments transporting goods back to Aberdeen on the QT.
  2. Get a job making the beds offshore and you'll make that.
  3. Aye they are ridiculed offshore for earning such a pittance to be fair. Thick, marble munching bastards.
  4. I'll go iron my Definitely Maybe t shirt.
  5. dazzy_deff


    Kodi is a piece of piss to set up. Guess you just didn't know what you were doing.
  6. dazzy_deff

    In The News

    I think Dale Winton in his current state could do a better job presenting Catchphrase than Mulhearn.
  7. dazzy_deff

    In The News

    Mulhearn is the only cunt more irritating than Schofe.
  8. dazzy_deff

    In The News

    They share presenting duties. Think the midget is doing a film or something. Not a fan of either...he gives me the heebs.
  9. What role do you do Consi? Hand out the survival suits? Press play on the DVD player for the safety brief? Sell the bacon rolls? Or search the bags and take away everybody's tubs of protein?
  10. Well they've certainly lost my vote for independence until they give confirmation on their thoughts into how they want the oil and gas industry to go. I've got a big extension and 2 cars in my driveway to pay for you know.
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