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  1. Exactly. For a new manager to come in and be forced to give the captaincy to someone he might not rate due to a contract stipulation is something that would not happen.
  2. Same as when Anderson came back and replaced Considine as club captain. Considine remained club captain as a gesture for a short period before it was phased out. A gesture.
  3. Utterly bizarre how a nurse knows so much about aberdeen football players' contracts.
  4. Not all of us want to be stinking messes all year round Brizo. Bet you feel ace wen you peel your t shirt away from your sweaty stinkin skin.
  5. I'll either be in the shade with my kindle, or in the pool with the bairns. Fuck sunbathing. Too hait.
  6. Awa to book a week in Corfu - once we get the youngest een''s passport.
  7. Its absolutely perfect. Too hait is absolutely disgusting.
  8. Would have went with Hulk Hogan personally
  9. dazzy_deff

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    Exactly the point. FFS is still having a greet about it though.
  10. Stranger Things is decent min. Patiently waiting for part 2 of season 4 to drop.
  11. dazzy_deff

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    To be fair ive never had to rent a property so never been in the position to have to do that. Just agreeing with Milno's counter arguement. Id easily do it for my tenants though if they asked me to.
  12. dazzy_deff

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    You totally missed the point in the original comment though. Proof if ever it was needed, that degrees dont make up for common sense. Im team Milno - fuck bleeding that radiator, get the landlord in to do it.
  13. Aberdoom usually the work of teeside mafia types offshore. Ironic given the state of Middlesbrough.
  14. dazzy_deff

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    Mind my ex had an abortion when i was 17. Would 100% do it again - whats the big deal @manboobs109? If you're nae ready you're nae ready. Good thread title, how many abortions have you been involved in? Manboobs can give his faux outrage every second post.
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