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  1. dazzy_deff


    Who would be the piranha?
  2. dazzy_deff

    In The News

    He does when it suits him. Part time goody two shoes (love Adam Ant).
  3. Stop it hanzo - very dull correspondence.
  4. Dub it over a video of one of the Ultimate Warrior's speeches.
  5. Drop me your thailand number over messenger and i'll fwd on.
  6. Restarted oldie badminton club tonight. Sare the morn I'm predicting.
  7. dazzy_deff

    Thread O Twitter

    It's my local. Certainly the guys I know on the video did not know they were being filmed
  8. dazzy_deff

    Thread O Twitter

    To be fair, it's all regulars speaking to a long term barman they are friendly with. Not like a random group abusing a random barman. All taken in good spirits.
  9. dazzy_deff

    Thread O Twitter

    Fawcett at the end haha. Brave messing with his pint.
  10. dazzy_deff

    Thread O Twitter

    Ooocha beastie. Fine boy is mitch. His old man still rules the roost. Heating up full blast in summer cos he has a chill. FFS.
  11. dazzy_deff

    Thread O Twitter

    I've got better teeth
  12. dazzy_deff

    Thread O Twitter

    Haha fuck off. Do Ken the boy though. Cracking t shirt
  13. CLUB FRUITY!!! Had to hand in your chewing gum at the door.
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