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  1. Hes surely just a replacement for Sheerin.
  2. Mourinho has made a career out of it the past 15 years or so. Other than his first spell at Chelsea, thats been pretty much how hes managed.
  3. Looks nothing like him...looks more like Papa Shango
  4. Not everybody in the ground pal. Hungarian nationals did due to the high level of vaccinations achieved there. International residents just had to show a negative test 72 hours prior to the game.
  5. Tell her to get back in the kitchen. This is big boy shit we are talking about.
  6. Halford at that time was basing it on what he would expect Shinnie to get and the clubs that were sniffing around. An average of £4.7k a week suggests some may be as high as 10k so not an unreasonable assumption for Halford to make during that conversation.
  7. My father in law is a taxi driver and picked up Greg Halford from the airport when he signed for us. At that time, Shinnie was still deciding where to go...he asked Halford about what sort of cash Shinnie would likely get and was told if he went to Championship probably between 15-20k a week and league 1 would be around 7/8k. Mental cash for the level.
  8. Nae idea but id class a 1990 one as retro.
  9. Washing machine Tumble dryer Retro Scotland top from retroreplicashirts
  10. C moving up in the world
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