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  1. I was thinking the same thing.
  2. @mainstandmoancan we start the week on the right foot with an update please?
  3. Jack Tucker is very highly rated in England. West Ham, Celtic and Rangers have all been linked with him in the past. Brentford and more recently Portsmouth have had bids rejected for him. Aberdeen will not be the only club looking at him. At 22 he is of a great age to develop and potentially sell on.
  4. I think the club have realized how bad the last couple of transfer windows have been and are overly cautious in ensuring they "get it right".
  5. The Daily Hun is reporting that we have approached Saint Johnstone regarding offer Zander Clark a contract.
  6. Thats how I see the difference in what both Cormack and Glass said.
  7. The papers said this week that Watkins is out for a few weeks.
  8. Cormack paid for Ronnie so I doubt he will let him leave for nothing. On a side note, based on the transfer fee and the lack of games he played, is Ronnie the worst signing in the clubs history?
  9. @minijcI actually believe you as I have heard about this approach from several at the club over the last few years i.e the direction and strategy they are striving for. Question for you are Hibs and Hearts further down the line implementing similar changes to the ones we have made or are they still managed under the traditional model?
  10. Surely the head of recruitment who joined at the end of July did not have much influence on the summer transfers as there were only three weeks left?
  11. @mainstandmoan might be a good time for an update considering all the activities going on? Please and thank you.
  12. We have just recalled Jack MacIver from Huntly. Not sure what position he plays?
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