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  1. Gurr is not as bad as people make out.
  2. Alex Neil would want control over recruitment and Cormack said that they want a head coach model. Therefore I can't believe Alex Neil is an option.
  3. I am 100% convinced in the long term project. The key is that its long term.
  4. Looks like this is a likely guess given today's backing.
  5. All will take a few windows to address. If we take what the papers were saying as gospel, over the summer they tried to move several more players on e.g Ojo, but couldn't. Joe still has a few years left on his contract and would be hard to remove. The goalkeeper situation would have been considered a lower priority. The defence is missing big Andy.
  6. This is seen as a long term project - requires a few transfer windows. We don't have the attacking options to make the system work.
  7. It looked a good yard offside at the time hut no angle I have seen shows the whether it was it not. Just curious.
  8. Has it been shown whether the first goal is offside?
  9. Can you really see Big Dave turn round and sack Glass and Gunn 5 months (ish) after giving them their new roles? I think Glass will get the January window and be gone by March if things don't improve by then.
  10. Why on earth does he keep persisting with Hayes and Ojo in attacking roles?
  11. Bull. They want emerging talent.
  12. The reality is that we have made far too many changes in staff and players. Unless we could have gotten a better replacement he should not have been been removed.
  13. I hate to see this forum if we loose to Dundee.
  14. I don't disagree but we can never successfully replace a relatively successful manager and move forward. Our recruitment of managers is terrible.
  15. The majority of Aberdeen fans wanted a change, wanted better football, wanted Derek McInnes sacked and now you have what you wanted. We forced Alex Smith, Calderwood and now Derek McInnes out and we never succeed in finding anyone better. Scottish football is all about grinding out results by being hard to beat and well organized. If you try and stray from the formula you end up in the bottom 6 and failing to meet expectations.
  16. I agree and are glad someone else sees this. However my fear is the players start to loose faith and confidence if things don't turn quickly.
  17. The backroom staff that Glass brought in are not inexperienced. Gunn and the new head of recruitment are in their roles though.
  18. I agree that a relegation battle could well be on the cards based on the results but I can't see Glass being sacked.
  19. But you have all the solutions right?
  20. But if we had an experienced manager like Alex Neil, you would be ok giving him more time?
  21. Clearly folk aren't paying attention as we will not be appointing an experienced manager any time soon. Dave has said several times that they are looking for "emerging talent". Unless you can think of a better rookie manager, its Glass for the short term.
  22. The problem is we would essentially need to reboot again i.e remove all the new coaches and players Glass has brought in. You may think that's a good thing but its more money we need to spend that we don't have.
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