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  1. Any news on quality players coming to us?
  2. Cormack says the focus is on quality.
  3. How good is the boy Hibs have signed?
  4. I see Ronnie played left back and scored for them tonight. Seems to be starting to make an impression.
  5. My order from the club shop arrived yesterday. I definitely would say that the quality of home top and training gear is much better than last seasons (for example the three strips aren't stickers). P.S I am loving the mint windbreaker.
  6. I think the plan has been to sign established players in the short term to get us through the Euro ties and allow us time to source the head of recruitment. Once that position is filled I suspect we will see signings more akin to what we expect.
  7. I thought they handled my question reasonably well.
  8. Apparently Glass states that the squad is close to being complete. There are also young players at the club who they hope to bring on. Brace yourselves.
  9. News reports in the US claim the deal for Christian Ramirez is $250k USD plus add ons.
  10. I have to say this summer had been a total let down so far. Cormack was quoted in a RedTV interview as saying that JET would be one of a number of attacking options for next season. Thus far (yes there is still time) that statement is extremely far from reality.
  11. Anyone got any new transfer rumours?
  12. MSM this would be a great time to come on a give us a little insight as to what is happening with regards to transfers?
  13. Yes and based on last season he will not make it at Aberdeen.
  14. Is the big news still happening?
  15. No notifications have appeared yet. I assume there is an issue with the system rather than no signings taking place.
  16. Notifications are set for today!
  17. When can we expect this big news?
  18. Oh don't do this to me!!!
  19. According to the Daily Hun its his hold up play that is impressive.
  20. Hard not too. I am a sucker for transfer gossip.
  21. Are you happy with the supposed signing?
  22. I am changing my beds sheets right away.........what's the news?
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