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  1. Are Hedges and Watkins back for this one?
  2. We are playing the same system and tactics as Atlanta United. I suspect that both clubs will adopt the same system right the way through their youth systems in order to make prayer scouting, recruitment and movement between the two clubs easier.
  3. Roy and Alex Miller spent millions and came 6th......
  4. I hate to say it but Glass was part of some very poor Aberdeen teams in the 90's which totally underachieved. I find similarities with our current side.
  5. I think we need to drop Ojo. He is not a long term option there and we lack the directness of Hedges, Samuel etc...
  6. There is no pointed dominating possession if you can't score.
  7. I would say around May through to July. Winters can be brutal in some areas.
  8. Sat in a pub in Calgary watching Jon Gallagher play for Austin FC against Vancouver. Ryan Gauld is playing for the Whitecaps. Thrilling stuff.
  9. Once again the team looked tired. No tempo and low energy levels.
  10. He did not seem confident that he would be ready within a few weeks.
  11. Is he left or right footed?
  12. The Record state they are not sure if he is able to play tomorrow.
  13. Completing his medical today.
  14. He is a quality player. just so we are clear, I like quality players.
  15. Mainstansmoan was on the money (so far).
  16. To be clear, this is the best we have done in Europe for 14 years.
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