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  1. Whilst Gallagher has been poor, I don't think Glass is shite. On Open Goal Andy Halliday stated that Aberdeen have improved under Glass.
  2. Delan Mc must be on his way out?
  3. I agree. Gallagher has this far been the biggest disappointment out of all if the new signings. I did not have high expectations for Jenks and Gurr.
  4. This was a Super_al exclusive
  5. A younger player with an option to buy. I can't see what the issue is here.
  6. Austin Samuels come on down.
  7. Thanks for the update. Regarding the potential signings, are we looking at "squad fillers" or players that are better or different than what we have?
  8. JET was superb when he came on. Jenks played well. Brown amazing but McCorie was MOTM.
  9. That's exactly how I see it. We could have a war chest on Friday morning next week.
  10. Back to the real topic in question.....we clearly are waiting to see if we get past Qarbag on Thursday before making serious attempts to sign a few quality players.
  11. Fresh investment, can you share any more?
  12. Its not close to a good measure as we will be exhausted after tonight efforts.
  13. We are going to lose. Thursday is far too important to us not to rest players. 2-0 Farts.
  14. Gallagher is not suspended according to the iceman on twitter. However their captain and another central midfielder for them who played tonight are. The game next week will be played at midnight their time. Cards are in our favour.
  15. @minijc there must be some movement behind the scenes?
  16. I would stick to a back 5. I fear they would open us up if we change it.
  17. Interesting video on Harry Kanes alleged gentleman's agreement to be sold. Similar to the Ferguson situation in my mind.
  18. Boyle said so himself today. "Nothing changed." Aberdeen I guess, would have been monitoring the situation and got word he was about to sign the new deal - they then tried to turn his head.
  19. The new contract for Boyle has been on the table for months. Aberdeen used this offer simply to see if they could turn Boyles head.
  20. If he had played those who came on do you think we would have won? Ferguson, Brown, Ramiez and Hedges were off it today.
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