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  1. Yes and based on last season he will not make it at Aberdeen.
  2. Is the big news still happening?
  3. No notifications have appeared yet. I assume there is an issue with the system rather than no signings taking place.
  4. Notifications are set for today!
  5. When can we expect this big news?
  6. Oh don't do this to me!!!
  7. According to the Daily Hun its his hold up play that is impressive.
  8. Hard not too. I am a sucker for transfer gossip.
  9. Are you happy with the supposed signing?
  10. I am changing my beds sheets right away.........what's the news?
  11. Can you not give us a bit of gossip now?
  12. ITK or wild guess? Will one be Irvine?
  13. I am totally bored of this window already.
  14. Any other players you have heard we are interested in?
  15. Anyone got a link to the Journalist on twitter thats claiming Irvine has signed for Aberdeen?
  16. Derek in the P&J, "Lewis is ready for the EPL".
  17. @Dad get the t-shirts in production, I will have three. Do you deliver to Canada? Terrific son.
  18. I noticed. Appreciate it.
  19. Red John did you sign up to P&B and AFC Chat?
  20. They posted over a 1 million lost last year up to June. I agree with you they are in big trouble unless they sell players.
  21. Terrible ground to go to. Always hated going there. Glad to see the back of them. Still upset about the Coccard (spelling) deal in the late nighties.
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